One of my ringtones is the end of Rosemary's Baby where they're shouting hail Satan.

When it goes off in a crowd, everyone gets real quiet.

And i smile 😈

I'm here because I'm sick of censorship, sick of evil corporations making bank off of me and then treating me like shit, sick of them doing nothing to lying politicians and evil election hackers but I get punished if I tell a troll to fuck off, and I'm just sick to fucking shit of people reporting me to authorities if they disagree with me, like whiny little bitches. I'm here hoping sane fucking humanity can take the internet back and make it fun again.

horny thoughts 

I'm really into the idea of an experienced dom bear taking my virginity and teaching me how to please him and his friends

Hello friends. I am a perfectly normal human worm baby. You have nothing to fear from me! Just a bear in the Bay Area looking for fuck buds and trouble. is a 18+ only Mastodon server for bears, chubbies and chasers.