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Hello! This is my first official foray into social media, and I’ve come in search of a place where I can share the parts of myself that I’ve kept hidden from the world all my life thus far. I hope this will become a place where I can feel open to share my kinks and insecurities and maybe even meet some people. My isolation is mostly due to social anxiety and depression but I still long for some human connection. I hope I can find it here.

Stranger Things possible spoilers 





I really wish I knew how to stop dreaming it and start being it.




Nothing says spring like a freak snowstorm! I would be concerned but I never go outside, so whatever.

nsfw #selfsuck #autofellatio 

Thought I’d also give a try 

Dreams Early Access is mere hours away. I can’t handle the suspense!


I’m sort of nocturnal. I’m active all through the night and go to sleep when the sun comes out.

I have dermatographism, which means I can “write” on my skin and it swells up. It’s a fun but pointless superpower.

I really want to try streaming on twitch but it scares the shit out of me.

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