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Hello! This is my first official foray into social media, and I’ve come in search of a place where I can share the parts of myself that I’ve kept hidden from the world all my life thus far. I hope this will become a place where I can feel open to share my kinks and insecurities and maybe even meet some people. My isolation is mostly due to social anxiety and depression but I still long for some human connection. I hope I can find it here.

NSFW full male nudity 

I was getting excited chatting with a buddy on growlr when I woke up today and he requested some after-shower pics, so I thought maybe it was a good opportunity to share a few here too. 😉😈

Mental health, depression (+) 

Today's shower thoughts:

Be uncommonly kind to someone who's unhappy and you might save their day. Be uncommonly kind to someone who's depressed and you might save their life.

I haven't posted here in a while, and it seems to be the right time for reintroductions, so here goes!

I'm a cis gendered gay male cub/otter/chaser and a recluse who rarely ever sees the light of day. I mostly post kinky nudes (such as fisting, toy play, and autofellatio) and comments on mental health and my novel life experiences. I try to be a positive, supportive, genuine person and have been working on breaking out of my "shell" the last couple of years.


It seems like everyone's been in a sharing mood lately, and I wouldn't want to miss out! 😉

Nsfw, male nudity, huge dildo 

I finally got myself a toy big enough to satisfy my hungry hole! It's a from , and I can only take it about 2/3 of the way right now but it feels incredible! It's just so massive and beautiful that I had to share it. 😈🐷

Male nudity 

Did someone say we need more dick pics? I'm always happy to contribute! 😉

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Put on some extra weight in the hellish month that was September, so I'm showing it off for #tummytuesday ! Gonna start a cut now. #nsfw

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Have I really not shared any pics of myself in a jock strap yet? Well, maybe I should do something about that.


So, yeah I was just in my first threesome. I think this whole "sex" thing has gotten off to a pretty great start. 😄

Nsfw update 

So it's been a while since I've mentioned anything here, but for whoever is interested, I have finally met in person with a couple guys! I managed to go on a couple dates before covid hit, then again recently. There are still things I haven't gotten to try yet, getting properly fucked in particular, but I can now say with certainty that I love having sex with big furry men (and probably most men, but big furry ones in particular)! Not that I was unsure before or anything. 😂

Nsfw, nudity 

Just a couple quick shots of my cock, because why not?

I'm not sure why I haven't posted anything here for so long, but hello everyone! I hope you're all staying healthy and sane, or at least at a tolerable level of insanity.

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Still waiting to get fucked, but not for a lack of trying. I've had several dates planned to meet with guys but they've all been cancelled/delayed due to cosmically inconvenient timing. I'm not usually one for complaining, but this is getting a little ridiculous.


I recently made some progress! No, I still haven't met a guy in person yet, but I bought my first toy. It just came in the mail yesterday and I rode it for a couple hours last night and it was pretty fantastic. 😄

Now I need to find a guy to use it on me. Well, it, and maybe a few other things. 😉


Well, it has been much too long since I last shared something with all of you, so here’s a juicy cumshot from last night!


Thought I’d try out growlr for the first time a couple days ago, and I already feel like I’m much closer to making my dreams a reality. I haven’t told anyone about this account yet, but I’m sure they’ll be excited when I do! 😁

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So how exactly does one meet nearby guys without automatically setting expectations on the kind of interaction you want? I have no idea if I want casual stranger sex, a deeper relationship, a buddy who will come over for video games and fucking, or just someone to chat with who I could easily meet up with when I’m ready but would be happy waiting however long that could take. I really need someone patient enough to put up with my anxiety and can help me to start moving forward.

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