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Kinky & sexual introduction 

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death mention | seems neg but it isnt 

I would love to spend the lockdown cuddling and kissing in a bed. Hello.

Well hello bears. Love on all of you ❤️


naked male body | genital | selfie | no eyes contact 


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I want gay truck drivers
I want gays in e-sport
I want gay hardcore music producers
I want gay home builders
I want gays in the passion of cars

I want gays everywhere it's gangrened by straight men to make these places OURS.

Little trans bear seeking for another adorable bear for lot of love and sex. Please.

I would love to have someone to flirt with

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oh. i guess today was national obesity day? so lets celebrate with facts:

*obesity doesn't cause early deaths, doctors refusing to listen to and treat fat people cause early deaths
*dieting doesn't work
*conflating fatness with laziness and other moral failings is rooted in everything from racism, classism, ableism, to misogyny, and just factually is wrong
*the body positive movement was started by fat brown women
*systemic hatred of fat people is killing us, not burgers, unless i choke on it

Hello gay bear community. I love you so much, you have always been an inspiration in the way I could express my masculinity and stop to be ashamed of being fat and hairy

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