I had sex with a trans guy last night. And it was the most respectful sex I had in my life.

He checked regularly if I was okay, if I wanted to continue. He reassured me that we could stop any time, etc…

Honestly I’m wondering if it’s what I really want. Or maybe, this kind of dates for « having fun » doesn’t work for me. I’m too sentimental I’m afraid.

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Finally yesterday evening, I had my first date since we're in an open relationship.
And meh.
Nothing happened because I didn't have the "thing" which make me feel like "ok I want to have sex with this guy" 🤷


Yeah, I start the day feeling that no one would love because I’m trans.

Oh god, I had an erotic dream tonight.

Like if I had a real sexual life lmao. The wake up is a little sad

Being a gay transmasculine made me lost my flirt skills.
Before, with guys I was like « hey. You want it. I want it. Let’s fuck »
Now I’m like 🙈 👉️ 👈️ 🥺

Seriously Aloïs. 🤦

Well, I didn’t say it here. But I am a non binary bear now

gay trans men: caught between being treated as a "solved, trivial problem" unworthy of further examination, and being treated as a total mystery that feminist analysis must never presume to examine

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I’m sorry I come just to put pics and go away after.
I guess I’m just seeking some attention in this shitty world lmao

Selfie with pup hood | nudity with underwear 

A little sad that nobody flirted with me at the pride Sunday. So I made some appealing photos

NSFW | trans man genital 

New prosthesis I got today. Very glad with the aspect and the fact that it’s held by my dickclit. I had to share it with you! 😊


'women and trans women'

no, women

'women and nonbinary people'


'women-identified people'

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