TMI | lewd-ish 

Last time, I was amazed by a post-meta trans guy being able to cum a big load.

It appears that I can do it too pre-op and I don't know how and all

Kinky shitpost 

Tired: I need a fuck buddy
Wired: I need a piss buddy

I just learn about the existence of de jeanneke pis and het zinneke in Brussel (like the Manneken pis but with a girl and a dog)

This is with things like this that I am proud of my belgian roots lmao

selfie | naked body | no eyes contact | scars 

For medical reason, I had to shave my up body. It feels weird but ok haha.

genital pumping pictures 

I’m not sooo comfortable with my genital these days but I wanted to show you the result after pumping.
Still hasty for surgery though


I touched just a little my boyfriend’s cock and I got hard sooo quickly

Years without having sex is making me so frustrated omg

Oh well, some gay men have ACTUALLY a pussy y'know ;)

Pumping genital 

So I tried it yesterday night, it was my first time ever. And wow, it's kinda weird.
Not hurtful at all, sometimes it's very pleasant. But sometimes my little cock is too sensitive lmao
I feel like I discovered the sensation of having a blowjob and that's crazy!

Oh, yeah. Since I'm there, might as well say it out loud.


genital pumping 

I bought a pump usually for nipple in order to work my little cock.
I don’t know how to expect in the level of sensation but I’m hasty to try!

Horny | HRT 

Oh I forgot how I can be horny after my testo shot

Yesterday evening, my boyfriend was lying on his back.
I began to scratch his belly, saying "Who's a good boy?"
And he was starring at me like :blobcatthinkOwO:

Men do good puppies and you can't change my mind

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