Yeah, I start the day feeling that no one would love because I’m trans.

Oh god, I had an erotic dream tonight.

Like if I had a real sexual life lmao. The wake up is a little sad

Being a gay transmasculine made me lost my flirt skills.
Before, with guys I was like « hey. You want it. I want it. Let’s fuck »
Now I’m like 🙈 👉️ 👈️ 🥺

Seriously Aloïs. 🤦

Well, I didn’t say it here. But I am a non binary bear now

gay trans men: caught between being treated as a "solved, trivial problem" unworthy of further examination, and being treated as a total mystery that feminist analysis must never presume to examine

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I’m sorry I come just to put pics and go away after.
I guess I’m just seeking some attention in this shitty world lmao

Selfie with pup hood | nudity with underwear 

A little sad that nobody flirted with me at the pride Sunday. So I made some appealing photos

NSFW | trans man genital 

New prosthesis I got today. Very glad with the aspect and the fact that it’s held by my dickclit. I had to share it with you! 😊


'women and trans women'

no, women

'women and nonbinary people'


'women-identified people'

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Personal | positive 

I couldn’t thank you more than I would because you made me feel so much better about my trans body with your lovely comments on my last nudes.
I think I really needed that 😭❤️

Selfie in pup hood | ec | nude | NSFW | ass and genital 

In the mood to show my actual genital

Genital surgery and fatphobia 

After taking some informations here and there, it seems that all surgeons who do SRS in France are fucking fatphobes.

I think I'm going to stay with my man's pussy forever. Not actually a big problem for me but ugh transphobia everywhere will kill me

sexually explicit suggestions 

Hi. I want someone to fuck my man pussy because it’s been years since I felt sexually desirable and I need it as fuck. Please.

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