ass but not nudes 

Some pics i just take in the hotel bathroom

Selfie with pup hood | nudity with underwear 

A little sad that nobody flirted with me at the pride Sunday. So I made some appealing photos

NSFW | trans man genital 

New prosthesis I got today. Very glad with the aspect and the fact that it’s held by my dickclit. I had to share it with you! 😊

Selfie in pup hood | ec | nude | NSFW | ass and genital 

In the mood to show my actual genital

very NSFW | masturbation face to porn and cumshot | genitals 

I stained my pants with that 😅

NSFW video | eyes contact | suggestive 

I did a quick session of sexy videos

selfie | naked body | no eyes contact | scars 

For medical reason, I had to shave my up body. It feels weird but ok haha.

genital pumping pictures 

I’m not sooo comfortable with my genital these days but I wanted to show you the result after pumping.
Still hasty for surgery though

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