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Personal | positive 

I couldn’t thank you more than I would because you made me feel so much better about my trans body with your lovely comments on my last nudes.
I think I really needed that 😭❤️

Selfie in pup hood | ec | nude | NSFW | ass and genital 

In the mood to show my actual genital

Genital surgery and fatphobia 

After taking some informations here and there, it seems that all surgeons who do SRS in France are fucking fatphobes.

I think I'm going to stay with my man's pussy forever. Not actually a big problem for me but ugh transphobia everywhere will kill me

sexually explicit suggestions 

Hi. I want someone to fuck my man pussy because it’s been years since I felt sexually desirable and I need it as fuck. Please.

relationship - 

Tired to give tenderness to my bf without any sort of reciprocity

genital surgery | fatphobia? 

I give you some news.
I saw a plastic surgeon in Paris last week. And he said that a meta would be useless for me because my fat pubis will hide the result.
Then he gave me the ad to lose weight or to go for a phalloplasty with an urologist.

I’m still a bit confused. But what I’m sure is that I will see an urologist to have another point of view for the meta.

mention surgery | COVID 

My bf warned me last day of the risk I’m going to take to go to Paris next week to see a surgeon to plan my genital surgery

And he was like :  "so you don’t give a shit there’s a pandemic, your cock first"

Yes. 😌


Having sex with strangers is not really my thing. But if it’s with cute furries or any other human animals, I will definitely try it


I noticed my pornhub and my xtubes profiles was emptied for no reason. Videos, photos and profile pictures erased 🤔

sex after surgery 

First orgasm without abdominal pain since years o/

Surgery mention 

Hello. I had surgery 2 days ago and I'm ok 👌

pers | surgery 

I wanted to conform only to have peace and to stop having to fight about it. But deep inner me, I’m pretty sure I’ll miss this part of me. So idk. My mind is slightly thinking about a simple release instead of a complete meta in the future.

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pers | surgery 

I’m actually reconsidering my v-ectomy for a total metoidioplasty. I don’t really hate my vagina. I just hate people hating it or defining me only by it. Describing it as a « female sex » all the time. Always having something to say about that. And all.

relationship | sex 

Yesterday I spoke to my bf about the fact I don’t dare to ask him for sex. I started with saying « hey. After my hysterectomy, we will be able to have sex without condom » haha

And the fact is that he doesn’t dare either. 😭

lewd shitpost 

I want sex but I don’t dare to ask my bf for it. Fuck my life 🥺

lewd | pers | v-ectomy mention 

After surgery, my bottom side will miss my vagina I think

shitting is for babies. cumming is lumpen. the only truly dialectical excrescence is piss

I just want to say thank you so much y’all for your reactions on my lewd videos. It’s really good for my self confidence and I needed to know that I can be sexy in the eyes of others ❤️

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