undies handsewn 

Finally got this pair sewn. I really like the design. I may do more in better material.

jock sewing 

Using old football gear to make an x shaped jock was an interesting challenge. It came out good imo. Needs to be on a muscle bear instead of me to really show it off but I like it.


First full briefs are done. Need to work on the legs more but not bad.

I’ve been working on my sewing and on connecting to my queerness. This is my first y yoked jockstrap


Cleaned up after a long fight to protect womens rights in Kansas. It was a good night so we are celebrating!!!

Has anyone else been traumatized by the boys season three episode one yet? Really like the first fifteen minutes.

During the pandemic I left my stable job due to the way they were dealing with diversity and inclusion. I started a nonprofit and have had an amazing experience. Today while working someone took some quick photos. Seeing myself smiling like this while working really hit me. I’m truly so much happier now. At forty I’m so glad I found something I can do that makes me feel like this.

Look if Zendaya couldn’t make it they should have cancelled.

#nude #intros 

With twitter’s Muskvian implosion happening seems like everyone is doing intros again.

He/him pronouns. I’m a voting rights, health access and queer rights activist. Run a nonprofit. Believe in white people listening to bipoc folks, and lending power to them in traditionally white spaces. Got a hot husband. We have two daughters and I still believe kink at pride is easier to explain to them than why, when people find out their dad is gay, they can’t be friends anymore.


With the news about Musk trying to buy Twitter I just wanted to express my appreciation for this circle, and it’s creators/maintainers.

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