@Bearprazolam rawr!

Side note: seems like bots are super into you. Can't fault them, to be honest

@urso lolz they are porn bots of naked women. Not sure that’s a compliment. Lol

@Bearprazolam yeah, pretty sure these profiles are rigged to farm as many followers as possible

seems like the programmer didn't think about the targets much 🤔

@urso what a waste. The real question is how to get real followers. Lol

@Bearprazolam that's something I ask myself too. Perhaps it's this instance's rules, but it seems we're a bit isolated from other servers?

We also have (I think) 2.8k profiles and the vast majority are lurkers or people who never logged in, the real amount of actual users is a tiny fraction of that

@urso yeah but a lot of instances just have bots following other bots and reposting. The same things over and over. Better to be picky. The higher the fewer lol

@Bearprazolam the "tumblr refugee" fever is over now. I think we only have to gain by slowly building an actual community, instead of just allowing bots and flooders IMO

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