Nsfw morning wood. 

A cute pup I know woke me up with sexy pictures. This was the result.

Raise'n mast for Talk like a Pirate day!! Yar me maties!?

More art by a bear, and this time, it is a bear! Bear man at least. Working off of a good ref pic and liking how this is turning out so far. Like most things I'm working on right now, still a WIP.

Ok, more art by a bear, not really bear itself.
I haven't gotten to the hair yet. I kind of am rotating between a few different projects and just got back to this one, but wanted to do a lot of corrections and add some details before I continued onto hair.
Also really liked this angle for a view. Big ol orc standing over you.

Nsfw, nude, chubby daddy. 

Me NOT in some underwear I like.

The eyes and nose were still bugging me. I feel I've fixed them some. Now I feel like I can move onto the hair next.

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More art to share. Not the most bear, but is an orc. Some folk find them hot. It's part of a 3d sculpting lesson I'm doing. By the end, it'll be a full orc riding a large bull like creature.


Sometimes, you just feel like sharing.

Ok... I guess this is bear related in that, I am a bear and I made it. Otherwise, I'm just looking for reasons to share stuff I've made.
I love fantasy maps, and recently found a really good program for making them. This is a world I've made for planned games. Not sure if this kinda stuff is anyone else's thing, but it is mine.

Hey all, been getting back into an art program again recently and one of the things I have made for practice is a bear dude. His limbs are sized funny due to the ref pic I am using. Big arms, stubby legs is kinda hot to me for some reason. Still building up shapes to then sculpt away parts for detail (why arms look weird shaped). Having fun getting back into the swing of things.

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Hey yall new citizens of bear.comm, welcome :) Take a look around, feel free to binge look at some profiles, and perhaps talk a bit more about yourself in a tagged post ;)

Went to Tank night last Friday with my husband and our boy. Was a hellova good time. Can't wait to go again in July when my schedule allows.

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