40yo big guy from the Mid-West just looking for a fun place to share and browse.

Bit of an artist, bit of a gamer and always enjoy having a good time.

@alpha3eards I'm a 3d artists/animator. I draw from time to time, but haven't much lately.

@Bjornen I'd love to see your art one day, but no pressure 😉

@alpha3eards Thank you. I always appreciate people enjoying my work . Appreciate people thinking I'm handsome too. :)

@Bjornen @alpha3eards doubling down on "great art, and you're handsome" 🙏

3d animation is one of my interests, but so is drawing and I have literally zero experience on that :/

@urso thank you as well. I must say I like the attention.

Art is important to me and I've been at it for over 30 years. If you have an interest, just pick up a pencil or pen and start. Most likely won't be an expert right off the bat (I'm still not after 30+ years) but the improvement that comes with time is rewarding. I've taught folks the basics in 3d before too. Not difficult once using the software becomes 2nd nature.

@Bjornen yeah, I'm following the drawabox method but it gets boring for a while

I've started drawing some very basic figure drawing because the thing I want to draw the most is men

It's shit, but I'll get there eventually

Keep working at it. You will always be your harshest critic, so don't let your own opinion ever stop you.

@Bjornen at least I have the right mindset, I think.

"It's shit, but 20 years from now it'll be something"

I just hope that "something" will be drawing beautiful, hairy and chubby men with lots of cool shading and character

Or a webcomics

Or both 🤞

@Bjornen I do fiber stuff, some ink when I have the chance. I play survival horror on xbox and PC. Might have to try Sea of Theives.

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