Who is a gamer bear out there? Always interested in play'n with folks. Leave gamer tags if you're interested. Mine for Xbox, Playstation and Steam is TheWolfMI. Please message as well as I tend to ignore random friend invites I don't recognize. Bonus points if you have an want to play Sea of Thieves.

@Bjornen I'd love to play Sea of Thieves! Problem is I'm not highly competitive and that's a core of the game.

Also I lack the time to play any newer games, but if you happen to have Forza Horizon 4, let's drive together!

@urso There are some PVP elements to Sea of Thieves, but you can avoid them if you want and try to hide from others. I find with a group though, it's tons of fun. I do love me some pirates though, and that helps a ton.

@Bjornen yeah, I was really hyped for the game but I promised to myself that I'd never pay full price for half a game again (looking at you, base Destiny 1 and 2)

Sea of Thieves at launch was like 1/4 of a game, wtf

I'm absolutely sure I'd have tons of fun with a group, but I don't have the time to pick yet another game :/

@urso I have it through Game Pass. And since launch they've thankfully added a lot more to the game.

This is me in game. Can make em big!

@Bjornen On Steam I only play DCUniverseOnline. Out of it, I play LotRO. I'm gonna add you. ;)

@Bjornen my GT is TurkeyFromTACO. Mainly a Dead by Daylight gamer, but considering Sea of Thieves

@BigT I do recommend it. It is ok single player, but an absolute blast multiplayer. I've been wanting to try some Dead by Daylight. I'll have to see if I can pick it up some time.

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