@DammitMooMoon porn has taught me that could end really well. I'll hope for uneventful just to be safe though.

Ok, I am a gaymer, a gay gamer. I now want to coin the term graymer for being a aging gamer a lot of gray/white hair. Who's with me?

@urso I pretty much chalk it up to not being shy and pretty carefree. I also feel it adds to the experience for folk. I think it is a little bit ego too. If they see my face, I know, or at least imagine they are enjoying me, not just a cock.

weight loss stuff 

@urso good luck towards your goals!

I need to lose about 120lbs. This should be fun.
Maybe more than that, don't know. This stay at home stuff has NOT helped me keep my weight down and I appear to be a nervous eater, and just about all of 2020 had my nerves on edge. Gained nearly 40 lbs over the course and that is NOT going to help any of my health conditions get better.
Big is beautiful guys. But know the risks. If there's a way to be big and healthy(ish), look them up now, cause you can pay for it later.

There are times I miss those days! Were only about 2-3 years of my life living in that apartment, but damn, it was a blast.
Hopefully you can find a situation like that if it sounds like what you'd want. I don't really know HOW we became the hub for that setup, or I'd give you tips. I think it was just mainly, I liked meeting folk, they'd get invited over, sometimes bring friends, we'd all hang. Tv, games, food, dicks out, movies, and/or go'n somewhere. Good times. hehe.

@aewallace I never went cruising myself. In my 20s I had an apartment that kinda became the hub for all our local friends. And back then, most of us were fwb. Didn't need to go anywhere to have some fun. I think that had a bit to do with never really getting any experience cruising. No idea how I would be at it. Does sound fun though!

@DammitMooMoon @aphyr I am always for meeting more artists. Always fun to see how they do things so I might learn a thing or two. Hope he joins!

@HairyHypnotist @Felinyx I was also hoping to see if it could help me get over habits I don't want but can't seem to overcome. Have also been curious about what kind of fun can be had with it. I have always been leery of not being in control so I have always wondered if that keeps it from working for me.

@aphyr @DammitMooMoon @HairyHypnotist I have always been interested in hypnosis for more than just kink stuff (but also including), but it has never worked on me sadly. I think a condition I have called Aphantasia might either keep it from working on me, or makes it difficult to work on me.

@aewallace Whatever you'd like to be, good luck on working towards it. And if I ever post something you like and you catch me just as I posted it, I don't mind getting an immediate reaction at all! I ALWAYS appreciate some good old fashion ego stroking! ;)

@aewallace I am a rather impulsive person. I never really understood the "rules" that there seem to be out there regarding things like that. Hehe. I'm just blunt and tell guys they are hot as I see em. No one ever really seems to take issue with it. Heh.

@DammitMooMoon ga dayum. That looked like a hellofa lot of fun. From both sides!


Relaxing after a shower. Decided I'd share.

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