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Thought I'd update my results as well. 

Seems like a few things have shifted since I last took it. No surprises though. Just more experience, I guess...

100% Dominant
100% Degrader
100% Master/Mistress
98% Owner
96% Daddy/Mommy
87% Rigger
83% Voyeur
73% Exhibitionist
69% Ageplayer
66% Primal (Hunter)
60% Sadist
58% Experimentalist
53% Non-monogamist
43% Vanilla
37% Brat tamer
1% Switch

I always love results from 

My top 10.

== Results from ==
100% Exhibitionist
100% Switch
100% Voyeur
93% Primal (Hunter)
77% Non-monogamist
75% Pet
71% Daddy/Mommy
60% Dominant
59% Degrader
58% Experimentalist


From 0 to Hello! in 20 seconds.

: I am left handed. Mostly. Like many, I had to learn to do some things right handed because things are almost always made or right handed people.

I know it's not boner inducing, but it was bear made. A sword I modeled an textured recently for practice.

Hey, wana watch a bear make art? I'm streaming right now over at Should be there for a while. Feel free to join me.

Hey all, besides being a bear, I am also an artist. Lately, I have been trying to get out there and take my art aspirations a bit more seriously. I am mainly a 3d artist but I do enjoy working on 2d stuff from time to time as well. If I can get enough support, I am considering taking on commissions as well. For now though, if you would like to follow me on ko-fi head on over to . Have a good one all!

Haven't posted for a Tummy Tuesday yet. Hope y'all enjoy. 

Relaxing on a day off.

Hmm... My beard IRL is a hella lot more white than dark brown anymore... Decided to update my pirate in Sea of Thieves to match.

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Any fun New Years parties coming up for folks?

Tank night at the Saloon in Minneapolis tonight. My husband I are thinking of going. Should be fun.

Who is a gamer bear out there? Always interested in play'n with folks. Leave gamer tags if you're interested. Mine for Xbox, Playstation and Steam is TheWolfMI. Please message as well as I tend to ignore random friend invites I don't recognize. Bonus points if you have an want to play Sea of Thieves.

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