*Waggles puppy butt* Someone needs to come jump on this.

High, horny, naked and playing video games. Hmmmm

Hope your all having a good night. Ill try and be around more :P

Having a pretty good night, shame i need alcohol for it lol

Needed a hot shower beer because my day was long and everything hurts.

Slow and short day at work today. What do you guys wanna see later. Any ideas for pics/videos/gifs!

Had some fun while its cold and snowy outside. So its staying inside and playing. Day 20

New hood! Its alright but was also very cheap so i cant complain. Day 18!!

Alright alright so i missed yesterday because it was a bad day. So i made it up for you all with a gif. Day 16 and 17 :P

@urso @Teathewaygodintended@displaced.social @BearFisted @Stoneagejoe

Thanks guys, got to work and its not seeming like its gonna get better here. But ill get thru it *hugs*

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Today is gonna suck, depression is fun and fuck my ex.

Having a good tummy tuesday before raid! For the horde!! Day 15!!

Sweaty and musky balls tonight thats for sure! Day 14!!

Its laundry day before work. That means you do all the laundry. Day 13

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