*Waggles puppy butt* Someone needs to come jump on this.

High, horny, naked and playing video games. Hmmmm

Hope your all having a good night. Ill try and be around more :P

Having a pretty good night, shame i need alcohol for it lol

Needed a hot shower beer because my day was long and everything hurts.

Slow and short day at work today. What do you guys wanna see later. Any ideas for pics/videos/gifs!

Had some fun while its cold and snowy outside. So its staying inside and playing. Day 20

New hood! Its alright but was also very cheap so i cant complain. Day 18!!

Alright alright so i missed yesterday because it was a bad day. So i made it up for you all with a gif. Day 16 and 17 :P

@urso @Teathewaygodintended@displaced.social @BearFisted @Stoneagejoe

Thanks guys, got to work and its not seeming like its gonna get better here. But ill get thru it *hugs*

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Today is gonna suck, depression is fun and fuck my ex.

Having a good tummy tuesday before raid! For the horde!! Day 15!!

Its laundry day before work. That means you do all the laundry. Day 13

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