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Well since Tumblr decided to not let me be my horny self there I brought my pic here lol
Some pics of me after work, I was so fucking horny

Found these old shorts in my drawer, I think they still fit pretty well, what do you think?

Why is it that if you put a cigarette in a man's hand I feel even more attracted to him... I guess I'm a weird kinky ass dude...

Some people asked to see the full picture I have as my header so here it is




Today was very eventful, I discovered that my coworker whom I have a crush on is gay, not only that but while we were in the changing room after work we had


Late #sluttysunday.

This is one of my favorite videos. Its about a year old from the first vacations I spent with @Lioncub .

Ain't he sexy trooper? :3

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