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Well since Tumblr decided to not let me be my horny self there I brought my pic here lol
Some pics of me after work, I was so fucking horny


Long time no see!
Good morning studs, how are you all doing?


The best thing about this whole quarantine thing is being able to jack off whenever I please

Found these old shorts in my drawer, I think they still fit pretty well, what do you think?

Why is it that if you put a cigarette in a man's hand I feel even more attracted to him... I guess I'm a weird kinky ass dude...

Some people asked to see the full picture I have as my header so here it is


I've been having sex everyday yet I seem to still be horny all the time lol


Wish I had one of y'all to help me out here this morning 😏


Yikes you can really see the difference in skin tone between my arms and my torso hahaha

Today was very eventful, I discovered that my coworker whom I have a crush on is gay, not only that but while we were in the changing room after work we had

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