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Well since Tumblr decided to not let me be my horny self there I brought my pic here lol
Some pics of me after work, I was so fucking horny


Just got off work and im about to get off 😶‍🌫️


Started pumping my nipples recently and I'm enjoying the results so far 😁

Guess i should reintroduce myself considering the influx of Twitter refugees
Hi, my name is [redacted], I'm 24 yo.
I'm a cis-gendered bisexual man that lives in Lisbon, Portugal
I am currently studying graphic design after a career change from being a race car mechanic
My account is NSFW (you will see me naked), I like chunky, bearish men. I also like women, just in general lmao
I also smoke and have a pretty strong fetish for it 😅

Elon Musk bought Twitter
Mastodon is about to get wild and I'm here to witness it!

David Harbour as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things is exactly how I like my men, a mess...
His first scene where he wakes up in his trashed house and goes outside to smoke shirtless with his pants unbuttoned makes me DROOL

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