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NSFW Introduction, sfw pics 

Hello! Call me JO, and I’m here to look at hot daddies and maybe share some of my bear Art here, and a very small possibility I’ll share my nudes 😳
I love talking about kinks, sex, porn, and kinky sex in porn! πŸ₯΅


Bonus followup: at least Jantu convinced Ratha to get in 🀷

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I'm not 'lewd', I'm a sex freak. Please respect me.

nsfw photo; penis; cockcage 

a little comparison, i love the feel

πŸ”’ 🌢️ πŸ₯Ί

[ ]

I wear chains now. Bought this one this afternoon and one of my FWB said that it goes well with a hairy chest

Lewd talk 

I desperately need to drink someone's cum besides mine

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

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It's fun to play with @WeaselBDSM because you can chain him up in different positions and use different holes.

as I promised, I'll be posting some of my thirst traps every once in a while... This is one of my favorites, taken by me ex in 2017 If I recall correctly ☺

nsfw art and photo; jockstrap, showing ass 

fun curio: the inspiration/ref for this art was myself

I'm really happy with the photos from the Wings photoshoot! I changed my avatar picture to a close-up on one of them 😁

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