J'avais beaucoup plus d'imagination quand j'étais ado. Meme en ce qui concerne mes fantasmes.

In my teenage's years, I was a lot more imaginative. Espacially when it came to sexual fantaisies.

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Rebuilding again now that displaced is shutting down. Love sharing and chatting. Hope to find some old friends and make new ones.

Stuck in on switch because of a damn glitch. After 5 or 6 hours, but still fustrationg.
That will keep me away for few weeks.

Rpdr s11 

Despite an overall weak level, I really hope for a good music show this season !


Waiting for ... I might be really too soon

I made my first tiny step in Web Dev by starting to learn how Django works...
I will need some to to accomodate, but sema to bereally helpful to make website (... obviously) and webapps

(I'm new into such things... I'm just a psychologist)

News thought 

I need to clean my follow list. Too much random porn spamming that make me miss content from real buddies :(

Whatching Classic YUGIOH episodes. Is the manga really different from the anime?

Season 11 is already over for me ! See you next year !

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