I don't care if man buns are "cringe" now, I just want to be comfy.

"If you have these symptoms you might have low(er) T?"

Turns out — no, I'm just a functioning human that has depression.

Vanilla: I don't see how people could wear a mask during sex
The kink community: perhaps you're just doing it wrong?

I've been unreasonably horny and can't visit bf because of the pandemic. Oh how I hate this.

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So I've been growing my hair out and decided to grow some scruff.

Either way, the election is going to fuck me more than my ex.

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I have gotten so much hornier since COVID-19 started, I cannot explain why

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>master's thesis

Lol, masther's thesis is rarely what the author really thinks. It's more of an "I say what you want me to say" thing.

And I'm not talking about outward lying about the results - I hope this is very rare. But more about the whole tone of the thesis.
For example, you wouldn't write "We wasted an incredible amonut of time because of that stupid bug in the library we used. We question the intelligence and programming skills of author of the library."

Me: Oh, this will be fun
Me as a DM three games later: I wrote the story, stop ruining my beautiful story!

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Drank too much last night and my head hurts now. ouch.

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Finally confident about my body, oddly.

Nude, ass, gape, sexual assaults 

For one of the first times since I became a "survivor" I actually feel confident about how my ass looks. I have a gape, and for once I don't feel super ashamed about it

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