So it's official, I have a date. Now here's hoping I don't fuck it up.

People underestimate how much I just want cute domestic gay bliss things.
Sex is great but I can't live off just that.

I'm so fucking horny but my date isn't until Friday.

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Really embracing my long hair bear title.

I'm so impatient, I wish my hair grew faster.

I really hate the term bootlicker because it's like — okay there was zero fucking reason to drag my fetish into this.

Also it's just wrong lmao

No matter how dominant you are, we're all (unwilling) subs under capitalism to capitalists and the state.

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Customer: we can't keep living in fear!
Me, internally: I've been doing it for almost 30 years and I've ended up o—

Okay bad example, please continue.

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Messy high bun, because I woke up like this

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Yeah if potential subs could stop assuming it's exactly like their fantasies and every Dom is exactly the same that would be great.

I think it's really stupid that for some reason if you're a gay man, and actively want to be masculine like you are already. There will be people who find that to be "internalized homophobia."

No, I just like being myself. I happen to be decently masculine and see nothing inherently wrong with that.

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Okay so Nikado Avokado doesn't have the worst body, he's still an awful person but he's kinda cute.

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