I am really really pleased with my workout today, and I really cannot believe this is my body! Absolute body euphoria today and it is a wonderful feeling

I forget that this app exists.

This is after today's chest, biceps, and triceps day

When my flare up's gone, I gotta get my arse fucked

Still feel pants, but I managed to get into my jock clothes and hit a shop up for some solid food. Hopefully I can have a sandwich without my stomach trying to implode

RT @bootblackcub
new rule for the gym. No matter how big muscles get, your heart must remain bigger.

So like...

Are nudes allowed here?

Cos like...

I'm boutta post nudes on Twitter and its gunna auto-post here

Despite my seemingly constant battle to keep my crohn's disease from killing me off, the last 270 days since I last logged in have been REAL good

I forgot I had this account D:

Have a workout vid from yesterday to make up for it

Did what I'm calling the "tank flex" and yeah I had to upload this for obvious reasons lol

Kink fantasy 

Really wanting to get in full rubber coverage, be tied to the bed and milked for a good long while

First mirror selfie of many, I'm sure. Feeling really body positive today

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