I mean, you can't blame me for feeling jacked after all of this in 45 minutes

Lift is very busy atm and I am building my second ever computer from scratch. I have managed to fit two AIO coolers in a mid tower, which doesn't feel like it should work but it has. Keep fingers crossed for me/it 'cos if this works this is gunna be a RIDICULOUS machine


Fauxhawk shave, beard and mustache cleanup, massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, blowjob...

When you're looking for Deep Heat and can't remember if you put it back in the bathroom cabinet or with the kink stuff

Ngl though someone starting off by worshipping my junk before getting so lost in the act they start getting dominant and demanding more and more to worship, overloading me with pleasure and stuff

As an example: lift my legs up so I'm in an awkward angle to escape while you rim me until you're bored, ignoring any protests from me (though I doubt I'd protest this... You know what I mean though)

Covid vax yesterday and felt like crap today, though its definitely passing:

Leg day was brutal again but the results are worth it 🤤


a shy guy with very little confidence gets given a trigger that whenever he is in front of a camera lens he becomes uncontrollably driven to sexual exhibitionism.

I am really really pleased with my workout today, and I really cannot believe this is my body! Absolute body euphoria today and it is a wonderful feeling

I forget that this app exists.

This is after today's chest, biceps, and triceps day

When my flare up's gone, I gotta get my arse fucked

Still feel pants, but I managed to get into my jock clothes and hit a shop up for some solid food. Hopefully I can have a sandwich without my stomach trying to implode

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new rule for the gym. No matter how big muscles get, your heart must remain bigger.

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