: evrytime I get in my truck I have to readjust my rearview mirror, even if it hasn't moved at all, and if I try to drive without doing so, it will bother me.

Snow is in the forecast, so I made sure to dress warmly...

Hey guys, because of a bout of depression I have not been on as much as I wanted. I am trying to be more social to get me over the hump. (Hehe, I said hump...) I hope to be more active here again.

I hate elevators, so I take steps to avoid them.

Even when life tries to get you down, just keep climbing...

Howdy, I'm a gay bear (duh!) living in the PNW. I was raised in NC, and still have some of that country charm. I work in technology, and my interest include tech, rocks, hiking, and theater. I enjoy dance, country, classical, and Celtic music, and enjoy reading horror and mystery books.


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