my Man Crush Monday NSFW 

Man Crush Monday...I like it!

super horny Saturday night 

Super horny and mo one to play with. 😒urbnbear original content.

Oops, forgot the key ingredient 

For a Monday morning!

NSFW- Lazy Sunday 

Lazin' around waiting for a trick to show. Enjoy...

Cleaning house for a special buddy NSFW 

house just sharing pics of the @Urbnbear cleaning friends house recently...

NSFW Tribute to the Boy! 

NSFW! I am posting this slideshow in honor of my previous boy, he has passed away Feb. 4 2006. I give you BarebacBottomBoy, one of the best fucks i've ever known. Though he surprised me in these pictures when he came in and started fucking me while I was web camming.

NSFW cock and ball pumping 

Enjoying the new 2-Stage Cylinder my husband got me for Christmas.

My NYE Greeting! 

Let's Havw a BETTER 2019 Everyone!

Check out my New original content. 

What do you think? Should I keep producing original content in this form?

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