NSFW-ish, #OOTD 

Yesterday I thought I broke my little toe, and went to the urgent care to get xrays. They told me nothing was wrong, so I just went home and took some Tylenol. Well, turns out it was actually dislocated, and it popped back into place while grocery shopping. Our medical system is so bad....you can see a dislocated toe in an xray, and you can visibly see it.

Detective Pikachu talk 

My therapist prescribed an emotional support animal for my mental health, and surprisingly our landlord is being very cool about it. Just have to get some paperwork done, and I will finally have a dog again.

Okay, so second introduction. I was on here before as HairyBearTop, but...had a pretty severe mental snap, and deleted my accounts every where, basically. So...I'm back, but not really interacting much right now.


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