It's time to
π‘Šπ»π‘‚ 𝐻𝐴𝑆 𝑇𝐻𝐸𝐼𝑅

So, with the exception of my tip pouch going missing, last night was awesome.
Had a ton of fun and was in service headspace for most of the night.

Can't wait to see you all at the gear social tonight from 5pm!

Put on a padlock collar for that ringlight photoshoot and it got me missing the feeling.

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Currently thinking about crafting a prototype collar for myself.
Either steel cord or 10mm leather cord.
Want it to have an industrial feel.

Wonderful weekend at Darklands.

Obligatory crane photo, and finally a sash winner! πŸ˜‚

Job issues 

I've officially had it with my work.
So I've been owed a pay rise from last November. And I was assured I would receive backpay to that date.

The conformation letter came through today confirming the raise started.....April 22

I kind of had a feeling this would happen, so I pre emptively sent a request to payroll Friday to say it should be from November.

But the fact that I knew this would happen and would have to prepare for this is sad

In bed 

Morning folks, it's finally the weekend!

I got to sleep in a whole extra hour thanks to my sleep mask, and today I've got a lot of nothing planned 😁

Hope you all have something likewise lovely going on

Tonight the role of John Constantine will be played by bootblackcub

This is a joke about Fedi culture 

Anyway, welcome to Fedi, which basically means you signed up to become a member of a local anarchist collective, you have been given a fursona, and you've been assigned an episode of Deep Space Nine to write a 1500 word essay on (yes this will be on the quiz)

My vambraces arrived today! So proud of these. They are the first bit of customised leather I've bought.
They will take a while to break in but they are going to look so good paired with both green shirt and the harness I am repainting

What travelling makes me do is challenge myself to adapt to my surroundings, whether those are intimate indoor settings or the boundless outdoors. I'm always looking to keep improving and learning from what I've created and what I can do to grow in my development as an artist.

This year I managed to get into the Morepixx competition which has been a boost for my confidence but I’m still struggling to find creative time around my day job that has become a distraction in recent months.

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a needy bottom.

Gym posting, libido 

I have little doubt my urge to return to the gym comes with the return of my libido thanks to some supliments.

Interesting how the two are linked tho.

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