That one time I tied up a young musclecub and helped work over his pecs

Vanilla: I don't see how people could wear a mask during sex
The kink community: perhaps you're just doing it wrong?

hate when you try to close your eyes but it just minimizes them to the system tray

Anal training 

So a week off training due to mood and stomach issues meant I have lost a surprising amount of progress.

I had to go back to opening with the small plug and only managed about 15 min with the big plug.

A friend just described me as a 'honey daddy'
So like a sugar daddy but instead of financial support I give great emotional support and advice.

Like, this is what I aspire to.

Pink leather 

I recently finished my leather look and wanted to celebrate with a photoshoot. Here are a few of my favorites!
I am baffled with the result and how much fun I had with the whole experience. I also had a huge confidence boost from it!

A blessed Lammas to you all. We’re getting ever closer to Samhain, and that pleases me to no end.


Obviously there is shit like racism and abilism that actively pushes people out of spaces they should by rights be part of.

But there's also a lot of yt/abled people who don't face those issue and their dissatisfaction boils down to they dislike their dating pool.

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Been thinking a lot about my relationship to my community.

I have been hearing a lot of people complain they don't feel a sense of community around them from the gay/bear/leather community.

I've always felt very enriched by my relationship with my comunity.

So was ok.
Texture wasnt great but tasted alright.
Cold baked potatoes are superior for hashes.

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Why is it so hard to find good dark green clothes?

So apparently Chris @ put a survey form up on that domain asking about possibly bringing the site back.

I advised that if he wants to win back trust, he should either let someone else take over the domain, or else run it on a cooperative basis, not alone.

CW: AS spoilers 

Congratulations to this week's eliminated queen for getting out of an abusive relationship.

Himbo and bulge 

Fun challenge for my fellow himbos/thembos/bimbos
Dress in some of your most sexy stuff and show off your sexy selves
And if youre saying you're not one, everyone can be a himbo/thembo/bimbo, even youbo

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