After a lot of work and manuvering...

Manchester, I am in you.

Anal training. With celebratory pictures. 

So I thought what the hell, I'll see how much of the gatekeeper 55 I can take.

It went in with relatively little effort and felt very comfortable.

Job stuff 


So after going through the interview process and getting to the end for a well paying job willing to train somone up, it came with a last minute caveat:
They needed to do a 4 hour commute for 2 days a week.
No mention of this at any point before now.
Had to turn it down.

Really fucking angry I had to put myself through all that stress and worry and getting my hopes up.
Particularly because it's a tech job. There's no fucking reason in this day and age it can't be done remotely.


Leg day 1

Little.frustrating as gym was packed and struggled to get the equipment I needed. Had to substitute some exercises.

For the next 4 days I am officially a man of leasure

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This just came through my primary gay groupchat and I must say....I'd like to order a case and start handing them out.


arm day 1

same weight as last week, but upped the reps to 10

Holding the balance of appreciating my body for what it is but maintaining motivation to reach a goal is always hard, but i am finding with age much easier.

Job application 

Phew. That was intense. If I don't get the job it will be purely down to the programming test.

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Job application 

Gee, thanks recruitment agency. Being told this round also will have a coding evaltion segment would have been helpful Friday when I had all weekend to prepare instead of 4 hours before 😐

Played a game of DnD tonight and played a warlock.

Eldritch blast really does solve everything!

Signs of being a himbo:

- love of thongs and skimpy clothing
- concentration span measured in minutes,
- a black mark upon the body
- they send their familiar to sour neighbour's milk
- they float when dunked into water
- croptops

Gym posting 

Arms day 2

Bicep twist curls

Painting half of my living room.

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Renting, England 


"We know that the landlord lobby will be organising to fill out this consultation, so it’s really important tenants fill it in too, to help get it into law and make it as tenant friendly as possible."

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Renting, England 

I received this email from the Acorn tenants' union, it's relevant for renters in England:

"The government is running a consultation about introducing a decent homes standard for the private rented sector in England!

Bringing in this standard will improve conditions for millions of households, and will mean that landlords [...] have to make their properties safe, [...] free from disrepair, have reasonable facilities and be a comfortable temperature."

Today is painting and decorating day.
Is the making a mug of tea and having a radio playing BBC mandatory or just a choice?

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Fun fact: most kinksters fantasize about dronification because it means they would be given a custom fitting rubber suit for free.

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Leg day 1

Wide squats
[40k, 3 sets, 8 reps]

Cable side kicks
[11k, 3 sets, 8 reps]

Hip machine
[27k, 3 sets, 8 reps]

Well at this point I'm sure the maca root supplement is really ramping up the scent in my pits.

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