Hey yall! It’s been a minute but I took some bomb ass nudes yesterday and I’m really feeling myself.

Four Thieves Vinegar Collective turned their workshop presentation on making your own chemical #abortion medicine into a video, and have uploaded it to a secure location. 17 minute watch :boost_requested:


evil scientist voice: they all said it couldn't be done! but i have done it! [evil cackle] i have created it.... the cock hungry emoji!!!!!!

Got my heart wired up at the docs today.
ECG gave me the all clear. Just have to wait for my blood tests and hopefully it will give me the all clear to start my ADHD meds in the new year

so going forward for the group chats, im thinking try and do them for the last weekend of the month.
how does that sound to people?

the two most prominent Jewish women in capes wish you and yours a happy hannukkah

Will be recording tomorrow with @kinkyboyspod about being a mutt, niche kinks (cause well,its me) and pop culture sexual awakenings
If you've got any questions, drop a reply and we'll get to em on the pod!

Shirt notice: I'm thinking of doing a tomorrow at 7.300m GMT.

Anyone interested?

I also discovered it burns double the calories compared to the stationary bike

Body progress 

So for the past month and a half I've been trying to lose weight to bring my blood pressure down.

So far it's going very well. I've lost about a kg a week and I'm already starting to look a bit thinner in the face.

This is the first time I've really been able to deliberately lose weight successfully and not break my mental health.

Any followers around London want to take theater tix off our hands for next weekend? We can't make our trip to the UK due to COVID 😩 but hoping to recoup the cost...
Moulin Rouge 11/27 @ 230pm: J 10/11
Back to the Future 11/28 @ 3pm: G 22/23

Got a new t shirt from the @kinkyboyspod
Dunno what it says though, does make me wanna flex hur hur 💚

Get one of your own at tinyurl.com/Himbo-Orc

Setting up my shiny new phone,
New Pokémon game ready to be played,
slow roasted garlic and potato soup almost ready,
Seeing the jinx and Dela show tonight.

God dam today's a good day.

Ass, chastity, mutt 

Locked and in a thong before properly being a dumb mutt slut dog later

This is a great read as to why so many porn sites take a blanket ban to a lot of hypnosis themes fetish material:

#hypno #hypnofetish

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