Dominance cravings 

One thing I am missing through lockdown is being around someone dominant.

What nobody seems to be talking about:

Due to the increased hygiene awareness and rules, fewer people than typical have been infected with other viral or bacterial infections since March.

"Our influenza season ended pretty abruptly in March. In the southern hemisphere the influenza season has gone almost unnoticed. Most other cold viruses have also become rare." (C. Drosten)

There is a lot to learn and research here.

If you're considering joining #inktober, please read up on the controversy regarding plagiarization of black artist Alphonso Dunn by the "inventor" and trademark owner (oh yes) Jake Parker. Consider joining #pinktober instead:

We discuss Cop uniforms, the gay community's history with the iconography of police uniforms and how it's changing in this day and age.

ok so apparently there's this app called "civvl" now that hires gig workers to evict people.

go download it, uninstall it, then leave a 1-star review and report it.

I need a nice autumnal-feeling video game. Something slightly melancholic, with simple graphics and a good soundtrack. Or I might just replay Night in the Woods.

In case anyone needs it for October, the first and only season of "Eerie, Indiana" from 1993 is on Amazon Prime.
And yes, it is starting Omri Katz so you can pair it with Hocus Pocus.

Nsfw partial nudity 

Have I really not shared any pics of myself in a jock strap yet? Well, maybe I should do something about that.

Anger makes you more likely to accept misinformation. That's a main reason why fascists always blame the other.

hermione granger walks into the hogwarts bathroom. inside, to her surprise, she finds jeremy corbyn. 'this is gender-neutral now', he explains

horrified, hermione reaches for her wand so she could vanish her poop instead, but can't find it. 'just nationalised it', corbyn says

jk rowling wakes up, screaming

Water sports fans. We have a question. What drink makes the 'best' tasting piss?

#ws #pissplay #piss #watersports #watersportswednesday

I saw something on here about the tradition of left wing groups spending a lot of time raising money by holding dances and things. Why don't open source software projects do that? Have a fundraising quiz or game stream to pay for some ux design or whatever

Hypno/drone ponderings 

Broke: sexdrone.exe

Woke: sudo apt install sexdrone

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Hypno/drone ponderings 

Like I keep seeing art showing drones with stuff like slave.exe or such.

And I'm like, sorry, turning me into a drone is fine, but I will not have windows be my OS

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