So topics from the last
- trying to explain Butlins to people outside of England
- trying to explain the plot to Jem and the holograms to someone
- what chastity cages are good for people with foreskin.
- how to put on a cage.

Anal training progress. 

So I have got to the point where the smallest plug goes in easy, without any breathing exercises.

Tried the next size up. I got to about 2/3rds and that seemed to be my limit for today.

What’s the best ios tooter client? I’m looking for threaded/continued convo threads to be legible, top to bottom. Maybe it’s a matter of customizing a few settings

Hey pals, just a reminder that has a little more permissive media policy around bodies & sex that's geared towards leather people. You don't need to apply a sensitive media or content warning to things you'd see at a street fair, leather bar, or event lobby. Please *do* CW media of things you'd take to the back bar or playroom--fucking, fisting, blood, scat, extreme impact, etc. Of course, you're always welcome to CW more than that at your discretion!🙂

Nsfw joke 

When you're really thorough applying your friends sunscreen

Who called them "poppers pigs" instead of "hamyl nitrites"

actually if anyone finds that sound effect *please* link me to it, because i've been looking all over and i can only find results about how to turn the sound off

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The bf snapped a rather good canded shot of me while I was reading.

Anal training progress 

So I've got a tear. Frustrating but this always seems to happen.

Going to take is slow but keep up with it after a few days.

i got some great advice from my big bro about how to slowly train over time, so that's been very helpful.

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So gyms reopen tomorrow.

No idea what sort of plan I'm gonna do yet, for the first week i'll probably just potter about and test where my strength is at and do cardio just to rebuild my stamina

My domestic service and my bull kink colliding:

*Cuckold walks in*
"not to foolishly interrupt your using my wife for your pleasure Sir, but would you like a splash of milk in your Earl Grey?"

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