So my best hypno experience was with a lovely couple at manchester leather weekend.
one was a hot daddy bear, the other was a huge bodybuilder.
the couple was staying at a hotel that has a large pendulum in the lobby.
They were very eager to show me this feature, and you can guess why. i remember being talked down as i watched the pendulum, then the next thing i remember was coming to in their room, naked.
the rest of the evening was spent playing about with my senses


and this was particularly focused on my sense of smell and taste. Having my sense of smell turned up to 11and then exploring their crotches and pits.

the facinating thing is the amount of detail i was able to pick up on. the layers of scent unique to each of them.

the walk back to my own lodgings was still great because even out on the street i could pick up on minor scents on the air of the city. really fascinating.

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