@Dragonholley ohh, well I always had an extra interest in it whenever I would come across it in comic books or TV shows, but I only learnt it was a proper fetish comunity when I stumbled on a website when I was 21

@bootblackcub what's a kink that is relatively tame/common that you're surprisingly not into at all? (Regardless of role)

@ActualRecluse for me it would be watersports. A lot of my friends are into it and I don't really get it.

@bootblackcub What's a hypno concept you've not participated in but would like to/am interested in

@MuttBanjo ohhh, i wanna do a tied to a chair and forced to go under senario/roleplay

@tyr i like to get to know a seat first, but provisionally i say yes

@bootblackcub @tyr I'm imagining you moving into a new house and the first thing you do is have a "sit down" with your new toilet

@bootblackcub when was the moment you first identified as a leather boy? What happened?

@banjo hhhmmm, this is tricky. There was no one big moment. More a growing compounding of realisations about myself over time.

@bootblackcub that’s interesting. It contrasts to how I felt when I learned about bears: it was like lightning struck and I knew this was me. Maybe that’s why I’ve never identified as a leather person per se…

@bootblackcub more like a bear (identity) who “does” leather (activity)

@banjo you know that's interesting because i remeber feeling that way about being a bear too

@bootblackcub very interesting. The lack of that same “feeling-of-knowing” has led me to feel inauthentic in leather spaces, like an interloper rather than someone who truly belongs.

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