@grosours hey how have you been. how has freelancing been going?

@bootblackcub yes, I'm just working on it right now. I'm finishing the template

@bootblackcub the functions.php is huge because WP has become really bloated. I'm working right now at reducing the code for the templates for a future better maintenance. and I'll reduce the css also during this weekend

@bootblackcub I didn't take any vacation during several weekends. it hurts. but I really want ship that piece of work. and I have something to do during this everlasting lockdown.

@bootblackcub really happy you're still interesting in this project. sure it takes time. and it's a great opportunity to be paid for it too

@grosours im glad it is keeping you preoccupied in lockdown, but please dont burn yourself out on this.
i really love what your doing hear and hope this is a big success foryou.

@bootblackcub thank you, I appreciate your support very much. 😊

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