Nsfw joke 

When you're really thorough applying your friends sunscreen

The bf snapped a rather good canded shot of me while I was reading.

Dammit, i I had known I was going to find a carved throne in the middle of a forest today I would have brought my antlers.

Food posting 

Felt summery, so did a homemade burger, wedges an spicy salad mix

So take 2 with the slow cooker pork belly.
Trying to get the marande better. This time less garlic and way more honey.

So tried on my rubber suit again for the first time in ages.
The lockdown weight I've put on means it's now nice and smooth around the chest and torso,
But it also now rides up uncomfortably and give me a cammeltoe!😭

This is made by the fetish furniture crafter "mobile secret fetish"
And dam to I want one for whe. I'm serving.

I may try and make one myself

Sub Musings. 

Well I invested in a good notebook for this project.

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