Hypnovember daily scenario, day 9 

Wow, ever since starting on the course of hypnotic work out motivation tapes you have been killing it at the gym.

You don't even notice you seem to be compelled to buy lots of really tight lycra as your workout gear to show off your progress.

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Hypnovember daily scenario, day 8 

you walk in to find a large muscular friend being hypnotized by an evil hypnotist.

before you can snap him out of it, your zonked friend is ordered to grab and restrain you, leaving you helpless as the evil 'tist begins to brainwash you too....

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Hypnovember daily scenario, day 6 

"how much longer are you going to keep me tied to the bed like this?" said the sub, his dick still hard from the night long edging session.

"Oh, i dont think ill be loosening those ropes anytime soon" said the hypnotist.

There were no ropes keeping the sub in place. it was just the power of his own mind.

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Hypnovember daily scenario, day 5 

the Hypnotist was glad he had used cigars for his boys induction.

Getting the boy to focus on the gently burning tip and the relaxing shapes in the smoke, always worked so well.

And he had used it so often, just the sight of him lighting up a cigar was enough to make his boy start to go under as a Pavlovian response.

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Hypnovember daily scenario, day4 

Changing Your Mind

You're now awake.

"What's your favourite colour?" The hypnotist asks

"Oh, blue" you say

"I think your favourite colour is red" he says

"My favourite colour is red," you say. Your favourite has always been red.

He grins, you don't know why.

"It's getting late, wanna order some food in?"


"I think you will pay for it"

"I'll get it, my treat" you say. That was your idea to pay for it.

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Hypnovember daily scenario, day3 

Camboy brainwashing
The hypnotist gives you a situational trigger: whenever in front of a camera lense you will feel intensely exhibitionist and sexual.

Of course, this is addictive and self-reinforcing. Eventually, you are camming daily.

And the hypnotist doing this to you? He's quite happy to take a big cut of your new income from this.

Hmm, do i want to get the metronome in the charity shop window for stuff 🤔

Hypno tf 

Tired: turning someone into a dumb jock

Wired: turning someone into a horny punk

Hypno meme 

Lofi beats to melt your brain to


I've found over the years something that really helps put me under is gentle yet firm physical contact in with the induction, like a hand on the back of the neck.


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