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starts in 30 min, ill be bootblacking live while chatting

Thinking about a short story about a bootblack that gives fortunes from markings on his customers boots.🤔

Y'all my boyfriend joined Masto!!! Please welcome @Dook_Ferret :D

so a friend of mine who is studying a degree in gene editing and biology is currently having a serious, practical terms discussion on how to make a pill that would give you a self lubing asshole.

what an age we live in.

Aaand turns out the restrictions lift Monday not Sunday. Oh bald that's another week waiting

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Writing down "block my canal, Sir" on my list of things to shout during 2022 sexytimes

We have Pixar thiccness, and Pixar dad's.

When will we have Pixar dads who are Pixar thicc? 🥺

Anal training, day 2 

So went in fairly easy.
It was the taking it out that seemed harder to relax into.
Part of me wonder if the reason I tear so much is I need to use plugs with a more gradual taper at the base 🤔

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I can't overstate how excited I am that Sunday I will be able to see my friends again.
Meeting multiple people at once. What a treat.

DigitalOcean is hiring for basically everything right now. We're a Linux shop, not a big surprise, but if you can cope with that, and also more importantly maybe being in meetings or projects with me, apply for something. Seriously, great place to work.


Resist Anti-Trespass (R-AT) has squatted an abandoned pizza restaurant in #London and will be serving free pizza all day as part of an action to resist the authoritarian police bill that criminalizes trespass and protest!

Come down to Wardour St, W1F and show your support by trespassing for free pizza!

Trespass is about mutual aid, protest and survival. We will not be criminalized for existing!

Love, rage and pizza
Pizza R-AT 🍕🐀

please share widely x

Anal training 

So today I started working with my plugs again, see if I can't get used to anal gain.
It was tight, and I had to re learn my breathing and take my time, but I was also able to take my smallest one fully.

Hopefully I can keep up with it this time.

So finally checking out the old gods of Appalachia podcast.
The first episode is a witch matching wits with some dark stag god.
This is so my jam.

Ok, the hello box experiment is not for us.
The portions sizes are rediculiously small and the cooking instructions are wrong.

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