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@celesteh Ohh is it time for skant chat? i love the star fleet skant uniform

Wiring up the flat is now done. Both games consoles and work Laptops are now getting full wired speeds.

Question for y'all anyone have any recommendations for cute/hot/slutty swim trunks that'll show off this big boy booty well? Really wanna be able to feel good at the beach this summer

So I have been Instructed to upgrade my home network so Sir doesn't have to deal with lag when beating my ass at smash brothers.

So does anyone have experience using powerline passthrough adapters? Would they work to give a good enough wired connection or should I just go for a really long ethernet cable?

So made the mistake of wearing my sexy mr B underwear to the gym.

The sexy buldge pouch crushed the balls when I squat.

me: hurt me daddy
him: here's a sketch from Toulouse-Lautrec
me: wha...
him: he was 15 when he drew this
me: no not like this 😭
him: now here's Rembrandt
me: noooooooo

my buddy wrote a gainer/inflation story and he invented a whole MAGIC SYSTEM and RELIGION and multiple SOCIO-ETHNIC GROUPS and drew MAPS and I just, I cannot, I'm delighted by all of this, THE PUNS

Gradually closing in, until we enter
The haze together—which is me, which him?
Selves floating in the one flesh we are of.

#ThomGunn, 1971 Tom-Dobbin / Moly
*img 2014 #FernandoCarpaneda Without Rules / Punk Series

So topics from the last
- trying to explain Butlins to people outside of England
- trying to explain the plot to Jem and the holograms to someone
- what chastity cages are good for people with foreskin.
- how to put on a cage.

Anal training progress. 

So I have got to the point where the smallest plug goes in easy, without any breathing exercises.

Tried the next size up. I got to about 2/3rds and that seemed to be my limit for today.

Hey pals, just a reminder that has a little more permissive media policy around bodies & sex that's geared towards leather people. You don't need to apply a sensitive media or content warning to things you'd see at a street fair, leather bar, or event lobby. Please *do* CW media of things you'd take to the back bar or playroom--fucking, fisting, blood, scat, extreme impact, etc. Of course, you're always welcome to CW more than that at your discretion!🙂

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