Ууф мне пизда. Мне нужно бросить пить.

Oops it's Monday and I haven't done my homework all week. Luckily my class is at night 😦

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I played video games and went out. Still kinda wish I went to SoMa instead. The bars there are a lot friendlier, but the bus ride is a bitch 😪

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Should I just play vidjagames or go out... Choices, choices.

Gotta show love to the thick Austrian statues you come across in life.

tfw you recognize your typos after the toot goes out, also seeing how replies work on mastodon 🤔

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Hey y'all. I'm a 20-something cub living in SF. My hobbies range from programming and technology to postcarding and arts & crafts. my favorite band is modest mouse, and ive listened in the last 365 days i've listened to a lot of frank zappa. im always down to smoke a bowl, or a pole.


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