The April 2021 Issue is finally here! Filled with hot men, erotic stories, very interesting interviews, and much more.

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Look at the shit we are doing to the very substance we need to survive! When are we going to wake up and realized how nihilistic we are?

NSFW Lewd 

Very excited to have Redpaw as the cover model for the latest Issue of Desert Heat Magazine.

This honest to goodness truck driver was a pleasure to work with so if you're into truckers, you're going to want to check out the latest Issue for the rest of his images!

Just made a connect on PurplePort with this handsome devil. If you are interested in working with him, check out his profile there:.

Model portfolio for Zach Drays (

Have you checked out PurplePort? It's a great alternative to MM for photographers and models to schedule shoots. I just signed up for it.

You can check out my port on there here:

And the most awesome part? You can sign up for free!

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