Rewatched the Illusionist with my mother and all the time kept thinking that Paul Giamatti is just so wildly attractive to me even though he’s not conventionally attractive.. and he looks quite grumpy, that weirdly is a turn on for me

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NSFW, male hairy/bear/chubby nude 

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nsfw apparently 

1, i'm having an delightful cup of tea and lactose free powdered milk tastes amazing
2, the main firefighter from chicago fire is the muscle italian model of my dreams, mr taylor kinney

just had an Oreo and i think that i might have an orgasmic experience

There probably isn’t anyone else here who loves it but I’m so excited for the new West Side Story.. I’m just praying for Spielberg to don’t destroy this too

Sony has announced more PS5 news for tomorrow... yesterday Microsoft served the Tea on the new Xbox X... I think don’t is just running to be relevant now that Microsoft is blowing it away from the spotlights

Nudity but not mine 

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covid, useful resource for explanation 

I’ve found this map the other day and you have no idea of how much I would love to have a big Texan bare naked only with cowboy boots and a hat, cursing and whipping me mercilessly

This is just dumb but I’m trying to watch his new video about the Olympus XA, which is a minuscule rangefinder that I really want

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There’s this German guy who makes amazing analog camera reviews and his videos are really well made, the problem is that he’s a perfect doppelgänger of my ex boyfriend. Sometimes I can’t even finish walking the video because of anxiety...

In a completely unrelated topic, the football player that played Sloth in Goonies was hot AF

My keyboard arrived. It will take me at least 1:30 to get home, the traffic is killing me

I’m working as a volunteer assistente any the local Museum of Modern Art’s cinematheque. It’s fun because I’m carrying a lot of boxes and helping with the moving to a new building

I also painted my nails black, and some way that helps with my self esteem

my whole “I’m hating most of my classes at the university” mentality has faded and been replaced by “I haven’t studied in over 4 years and that means imposter syndrome plus a great deal of anxiety”

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