bigmacs are probably one of my favourite foods and it will always be my vegetarianism cheat meal

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weird things about being up late: i’m craving ground beef with minced garlic and maybe a bigmac

now it is actually me on my profile picture, i took that photo right after a haircut around january? it’s been so long

today my abs are sore, but tomorrow it will be my back and thighs. everyday a different pain

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I'm working out every other day and eating vegetarian for 11 days, I feel about the same so it isn't bad, but I feel sore all the time

strong language, educational minor meltdown 

just two more tests and my midterms are GONE MOTHER FUCKER

anyways, i'm single like a Pringle and i think that i won't stop being single anytime soon

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i never understood the sentence "single like a pringle". Pringles are always in a big starchy macarena queue inside the tube, there's nothing single about a Pringle

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There’s no better way to finish off the night than with a sunrise self-suck. Sorry about the shaky cam; it’s not the easiest thing to film (or do!)

i have 5 midterms to finish til the end of the month and i cant read the mandatory papers, i'm going to freak the fuck out

The place that had vegan milk only had almond, it tasted like water.. I hate almond milk

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i can't drink regular milk, so it's a pain to find a vegan place, otherwise i drink only regular black coffee

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ok, after lunch i'm going to the borgeouis zone of the city to buy some books that i'm needing, luckly i'll find a place to drink a vegan latte or something

There’s many things that give quite a lot of constant anxiety, but something that removed from my current reality is new for me

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I’m only at my second semester of my bachelor and the idea of a master’s degree after it is already giving me anxiety, nice

i don't like scotch, it just tastes like alcohol that you've used to clean a barbecue grill

I’m deeply in love with those videos of fashion forward young west Asians
The guy on the skateboard is just *chef’s kiss* perfection

i like how i look in them, i just think that 20 more pounds would be great

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