I have a problem, I think my gag reflex is gone. I was trying to puke at work yesterday because I ingested some espresso machine cleaning powder and I just couldn’t. It didn’t matter how far and was poking in my mouth... and it made me lightly horny.... I’m ashamed of what I’ve become

And I’ll have to write a critic about it. Spoiler alert, this film sucks

I’m watching a boring film about a balloon expedition with Eddie redmayne

Living in a place with extreme heat and unreliable public transport sucks

I was thinking about it and I might have premature ejaculation... I’ve been so touch starved that I don’t last long when some guy decides to have sex with me

The short film that I’ve worked on has been selected to be part of one of the largest film festivals in my country. I’ll watch it and as a film critic I’ll give it a poor review

On the last two days I’ve worked 18 hours and slept 3

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I saw my ex today. I thought that I would feel bad about that but I’m fine. I’m treating this place too much as a private journal and I will stop

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a guy from alabama just proposed me to be his sugar baby. i need to sleep

Did you ever just wanted to yell your lungs out until you’re just so utterly empty that something might fill it? I know that complaining about my mental health on social networks is lame and I have my therapist for that but I’m in dire need of putting this shit out of my chest somewhere and Twitter is way too public

My new job is kicking my ass, I’m exhausted beyond measure and a quite anxious for quite a particular reason

Also I realizes The my sex drive is going through the roof but I feel oddly fine about it. I know and understand that I just miss the physical closeness that sex provides and I feel ok about it. I’m just single and alone for a long time

I’m going to show some of my photos in a gallery/exhibition space in a few days and I can’t believe it yet

I just realised that the word that I should have used is “source” instead of “font“ :/

I I keep daydreaming about moving somewhere else but I wouldn’t even if I could. Rio is my place and I love here

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