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is trending, hope you guys are enjoying it more than posting about it

just discovered that i can caress my own hairy stomach, i'm now a self sufficient being

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this guy is a ginger copy of victor, but he had a slightly (and delightfully) crooked smile. think about it now arthur also had a slightly crooked smile but he looked nothing like victor

the thing is, i'm fine with being single. it doesn't bother me but i miss having a relationship, i miss those little domestic sillyness like holding hands while watching something, or running my fingers through his (any one of the two guys that i've dated) hair while he has his head on my lap, just being close to each other and feeling his skin brushing into mine. those are the things that i miss, and that's not necessary to be alive. i've been alone for nearly 22 years and i can go for more

you know when you keep seing aperson from your past wherever you go? i used to date this guy who has a farly common face, fair skin, messy dark hair, a bit shorter and much stronger than i am, a crooked smile. i don't miss him, we had a bad relationship, but he's so average that i keep seing his clones everywhere

my psychologist said that i'm lonely and i'm longing the closeness that i had with him, she's right aboout that but it still hurts sometimes when i feel specialy alone

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NSFW, male hairy/bear/chubby nude 

But having one of those would be so cool. I could take many pictures that I can’t take in my canon but with extra expensive equipment that wouldn’t make me a better photographer

Harry Potter rant and heavy cursing 

Harry Potter rant and mild cursing 

I don’t have the money, nor the need, for a new phone but if they take 3D Touch from the iPhone I’ll be really annoyed. It is such a great feature that I use all the time and loosing it will be terrible

Today is an Apple keynote day, it always hypes me up

I’m a 22 year old depressed photographer who is binging Friends while playing Minecraft at midnight

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