this video still manages to give me some throbbing ideas and emotions

i'll just casually throw myself into the sarlac pit

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i was teaching my grandmother to access the british museum through google street view and i accidentally showed her some historically acurate gay bum sex.............. she didn't realized, and neither did i

I’m slowly falling in love with Hitchcock’s films. They’re just so well done, so thorough, so beautiful. Rear Window is the best so far in my opinion

Today’s my sweet 23rd and I have some facial hair, according to twitter gays I can be called a daddy

Received a text yesterday that was a worst than a cold shower during winter

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NSFW, male hairy/bear/chubby nude 


"Afternoon fun time part 1 with @bgamebear"

Original tweet:

#hairy #bear #chubby

Update on this, he’s also on Saving Private Ryan, with a buzz cut and quite dirty

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white men in suits didn't give queer people our rights

black and brown queers throwing bricks at cops gave us our rights

stonewall was a POLICE BRUTALITY RIOT. learn your history and humble yourself.

I need to stop reading the news when I go to bed, it just destroys any glimpse of a good mood that I might have had and spikes my stress levels that are not low lately

last night i dreamt that i was kissing an older guy, he was quite a handsome man, with a scratchy stubble and strong eyes. i was engulfed by a strong sense of loneliness when i woke up
you can be voted the most well dressed but you'll never be annie lennox in silver

Watched Persona by Bergman. I just wasn't expecting any of it, had no idea about what was the plot or the themes that it would develop and I"m trully baffled. Bergman is a genius, there's no way to analise that besides sitting down and drooling a bit

and my wardrobe is basically black and brown, maybe a faded navy blue

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I'm fully aware that it is peak capitalism, but I would love to have Lady Gaga's Chromatica jockstrap. It is just so utterly pink and ridiculous

The local furcon was postponed into 2021s July.. it would be my first one :(


how about an albino cult terrorist? and a scientist not being chosen to go to outer space because she's a pragmatic and empirical atheist? and Matthew McConaughey just appearing because he's a hot priest who's hot that bangs her and all of the sudden they're deeply and tantrically conected? and both those David and Michael who are just two annoying bitches? AND THE ALIEN DAD????

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