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ToyStory 4 destroyed my heart in a way that I didn’t expected

hello, i’m not dead, just sick and tired

why don’t man on tv have hairy asses? is it just me that doesn’t what much tv with male bottoms or is the media that only airs hairless buts?

avengers rant 

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@dnkedanke on that same note, I tweaked the server's settings here and there and went to see how the public timeline was looking like. Y'all are _smoking hot_, I dare say


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Alright, just changed the server's rules so that me or @dnkedanke will have to manually approve new profiles. We'll see how that goes towards fighting the army of spam accounts

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We have seemingly been targeted for the creation of many automated malicious accounts ever since the past five days.

All accounts were sending unlisted messages, which is why they were harder to detect.

This is just to notify you that:

a) we have now changed the servers so all sign-ups have to be manually approved by a moderator
b) we are banning the malicious accounts and taking extra measures to block their e-mail domains

If you need help or have questions, contact @urso or @dnkedanke

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is it too much to ask for a 40 ish year old, 6’2” stocky blacksmith bear covered in soot to take me to his farm near São Borja to be his aprendice and lover? i just want a cuddled

into the second episode of Special and this feels great, mainstream body positivity is the answer for my problems

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please BOOST!

Hey guys!! Im strapped for cash so im opening up commissions, NSFW and SFW!

$15 USD sketch commissions, or $20 USD for a sketch with simple colors. (examples attached)

im doing only pin ups (solo characters) for right now, but i can draw pretty much anything!

Im not able to draw furries or mecha, but monsters and humans are my jam 😎

#commissions #nsfw #nudity #mastoart #nsfwart #teratophilia

the robots from Boston Dynamics truly terrify me, machines shouldn’t move like tha

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