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Mutual aid request, trans woman in financial trouble, please boost 

Hey, there’s this woman I follow on Twitter who lost her job because of covid and her state decided that she shouldn’t have had unemployment benefits and asks for her to repay all of it, which she can’t really do. Please help her if you can:

the book "Exile in Guyville: How a Punk Rock Redneck Faggot Texan Moved To West Hollywood and Refused To Be Shiny and Happy" by dave white disappeared from amazon bookstore

surname of a pornstar 

moby dick

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Souvenez-vous de Aaron Swartz
(8 novembre 1986 - 11 janvier 2013)

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As the official spokesperson for grumpy, middle aged, binary IDed trans men, I have gathered you here to state:

Enbies are good. Experimenting with gender is good. You are as valid as you want to be. Nobody owns any of the genders and you can play with them however makes you feel happy, or curious or for no reason at all. Any reason is good as is no reason at all. Free genders for everyone!

2021 is the year of gender liberation for all.

Thank you.

lallement, c'est un gars bien, il m'a poussé à relire mes classiques les soirs de couvre-feu.

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with social media tightening up around sexual expression more poeople are turning to self hosted sites and blogs.

If your one of the people doing this let us know and we will gladly add you to the links page on our site.

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I should draw more. I like drawing bears so much


santa naked with wearing only his cap, red leather boots and a red whip. heavy bag full of gifts in one hand. ready for worldwide penetration

mitiged feelings 

/me will be alone for xmas

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NSFW masochism 

you pervs! what did you expect? :P pic is from norman's book, "the design of everyday things". caption: "carelman's coffeepot for masochists".

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