Pink leather 

I recently finished my leather look and wanted to celebrate with a photoshoot. Here are a few of my favorites!
I am baffled with the result and how much fun I had with the whole experience. I also had a huge confidence boost from it!

I have Thursday and Friday off next week. I am considering doing some local travel and spend the night. Any recommendations?

I want some company. I don't want to talk because I am exhausted and have talked all day at work. I just want to sit by someone that is playing videogames while I read a book.

I just heard Starro is attacking Leicester Square AND I WANT TO BE PART OF IT

Update: I noticed I am not feeling thirsty (I am usually thirsty all the time), so I haven't been drinking water. Might be the cause of the dizzyness. I set an alarm to remind me to drink again every so often :)

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Had my second jab on Saturday. No big side effects but felt sleepy and a bit dizzy yesterday and still am today.

If you’re hiding in from the heat and want some Culture™️ the concert I was in a couple of weeks ago is on YouTube, and the filming of it is FANCY

This weekend everybody I had plans with cancelled on me. They all had good reasons but now it feels like another wasted weekend, which makes me feel horrible coming out of lockdown 😓

Thoughts on Loki 

I felt character growth was forced and there was no closure to the story arches.
Have also seen much better executions of the "agency that protects timeline" trope.
Some"surprise" deliveries were well done though, and didn't feel far fetched.

I've been working hard on becoming a more inclusive, welcoming and positive person.
Yesterday, someone I barely know has felt comfortable enough with me to share a kink they never shared with anyone before. They looked so happy and excited talking about it and I'm really proud!

Just had a really nice conversation with @hypnocub and @irmaodomario about kinky relationships and communication. I’m really glad that I have friends like this in the kink community — we should have chats like this more often!

If any London based people are at a loss on Sunday night, I’m doing a concert with the gays, think there’s some tickets left (I’m in the 6pm concert). Obligatory pub trip after of COURSE.

Suicide Squad 2 is another film I want to watch for all the wrong reasons

It's my birthday!
I had a small celebration last weekend with some fantastic guys who made me feel sexy and happy.
Send me pics of you feeling sexy too 😉.

Plot twist:
If they do succeed, the brainwashing system starts anyway, but then erases their memory of it.

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Escape room idea:
House full of hypno traps that put people in a trance for a few minutes, making them lose time. Or forces them to undo some of their progress.
If they don't succeed in time the house starts a brainwashing system that enslaves them to the crew when they use a specific trigger in the future.

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