I am moving my account to @irmaodomario@woof.group.
For some reason I can't activate the automatic redirect, so please go give me a follow over there. 😘

There's a jacket hanging in my hall that doesn't belong to me. It took me three attempts to find the owner. Did I do pride right? 😅

Our host Craig went on the master slave lifestyle podcast
To talk about bootblacking:

Thinking further on the second one, I wonder if I would enjoy partner dancing as the follower...

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I think I have discovered two new kinks I am into:
- being given to wear clothing you just took off
- being physically led

"I'm not that tired"
Proceeds to try to stand up from the sofa and falls down to the floor instead.

Yeah, I'm heading to bed. Kisses friends, see you tomorrow 😘

I remember once seeing a post about a guy being slimed for the first time and it said he enjoyed the whole play so much that at the end he was "reduced to a shivering mess". And I have decided this is one of my life goals.

Me: "I should try this dairy free cake recipe as a lot of my friends are allergic/intolerant"

Also me: covers dairy free cake with brigadeiro*

*chocolate desert made with condensed milk and butter

Pink leather 

I recently finished my leather look and wanted to celebrate with a photoshoot. Here are a few of my favorites!
I am baffled with the result and how much fun I had with the whole experience. I also had a huge confidence boost from it!

I have Thursday and Friday off next week. I am considering doing some local travel and spend the night. Any recommendations?

I want some company. I don't want to talk because I am exhausted and have talked all day at work. I just want to sit by someone that is playing videogames while I read a book.

I just heard Starro is attacking Leicester Square AND I WANT TO BE PART OF IT

Update: I noticed I am not feeling thirsty (I am usually thirsty all the time), so I haven't been drinking water. Might be the cause of the dizzyness. I set an alarm to remind me to drink again every so often :)

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Had my second jab on Saturday. No big side effects but felt sleepy and a bit dizzy yesterday and still am today.

If you’re hiding in from the heat and want some Culture™️ the concert I was in a couple of weeks ago is on YouTube, and the filming of it is FANCY youtu.be/kD047iHQtD4

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