I’m watching and downloading a number of “caught masturbating” videos. What these young men wanted to be a very private activity is instead immortalized online and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. I ejaculated at 11:27.

Masturbating while watching Mitchell G. on video doing the same. I ejaculated at 11:08 (and he did in 2017).

I just got home from a busy day with a local community organization, and yes, I’m already stark naked and considering who might be the man (or men) of my next lengthy sexual fantasy.

I believe I jerked off at least twice already today. Now I’m trying to download the videos of William <hotladsworld.com/blog/william> for later pleasure. It really turns me on that thousands of gay men across the globe get to see him completely naked, masturbating and ejaculating. It’s all public information now. Twelve of eighteen videos downloaded so far, and I’m finding it hard to keep from touching myself.

One possible kink I have is enjoying seeing naked selfies of men who thought they were sharing them with just one recipient only to have them published online for a worldwide audience. It’s even more arousing when there’s enough information available to identify some of these men by name and even locate them on social media. I was watching a video of Richard G.‐LaD. fingering himself naked while also looking at one of his Facebook profile photos and had a particularly intense orgasm at 12:02.

There’s at least one site, Tumbex, that can bypass Tumblr’s adult‐content filter and it seems like most of that adult content is still in place. A big purge thereof may be forthcoming, and I don’t know how many users still post (or can post) new content, but it seems all the old stuff is still there. I spent a good portion of yesterday downloading some racy videos I hadn’t seen before, including one of a masturbating young man whose moaning sent me over the edge.

I find Giannis M. utterly gorgeous with a beautiful butt. Luckily for the world, he’s an exhibitionist. (See “Greek Fluffy.”) I rubbed a quick one out watching some of his online videos. Ejaculated at 16:38.

When you use Instagram on the Web, you can anonymously “save” photos, more like bookmarking them, so now I’m browsing a pretty nice collection of attractive men. There’s Arran’s hairy chest, there’s Benoît’s darling bottom in a bikini, there’s Cameron D. posing with his arm up, Rob T.’s butt in his jeans while he’s fishing, Nathan M. giving the thumbs‐up gesture at uni, a number of photos of adorable Roni with his shirt off etc. etc. Ejaculated at 11:48 to naked photos of Nathan on my hard disc.

There’s definitely something about watching videos of men who are lost in self‐pleasure that arouses and entrances me. Seeing them stroke their cocks is beautiful but seeing the pleasure on their faces also feeds my own arousal. Ejaculated at 08:10.

In order to get some things accomplished today, I decided I needed to close some browser tabs, but one of them is a page of sexy Mastodon accounts followed by an account I follow, so now of course I’m procrasturbating again. Ejaculated 16:49. 🗔

I am masturbating now to Kael@humblr.social. I didn’t think he’d really be my type, but I love how he exposes himself and enjoys his sexuality with abandon … and what a gorgeous glans he has! So here I am naked and stroking my penis while looking at his doing the same. Even his blunt captions like “Me and my penis” and “Showing off my boner” turn me on. Ejaculation at 13:09.

Browsing through photos on various sites of various athletes. They take their athleticism seriously and then we objectify them by posting photos that emphasize their anatomies, including photos of wrestlers in skintight singlets with their legs spread apart. Is this one wrestler even aware I and other men are masturbating to his bulges and contours, envisioning what’s underneath? Reaching for petrolatum now. Ah, yes, this is the one that will lead me to cum. Keep those buns spread, sweetheart.

Of course, the computer slows down to crawl just when I’m naked with my penis in hand.

Okay, glad that didn’t last long.

Mention of self‐pleasure 

I was inspired by online masturbation diaries and by blogs detailing sexual encounters—as well as by text chats I’ve had—so I thought I might try my hand at it (so to speak). I doubt many would be interested in reading it, but I do find it very arousing to describe my actions, particularly if it’s published online for anyone to read. For some reason, I enjoy making my intimate sexual responses public information. We’ll see if I can keep it from getting monotonous. 😚

I am trying to set up my new account, but I get distracted masturbating to some of what I see here.


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