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fetish talking, kinktroduction 

part 1/2

here is an , or more of a

i'm a gay dude, bottom, a bit sub, a bit kinky, a bit soft. married and open

some of the stuff I'm into:

- most vanilla stuff
/ cockcage
- beards, hairy dudes
- piercings
- toys
- wearing jockstraps
- assplay
- light sub/dom
- sexting/rp

stuff i'm into, but never had, or only a little, experience with:

bdsm; pupplay; exhibitionism; leather & rubber; fisting (bottom); sensory deprivation

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Chastity penis locked 

Repost cuz I forgot the tags.
Well gues I have no choice but to focus on the job now #teamlocked #malechastity

Nsfw photo; nudity, chastity cage 

Reposting cause i forgot tags

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Nsfw photo; nudity, chastity cage 

well, back to being locked for real 1/?


[ ]

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I'm here, I did the squats, can I have milkshakes now???

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NSFW, nude, piercing 

I don't remember the last time I shared my PA here but it got an upgrade a few months ago

I think this will be the second to last iteration. I'm mustering up the courage to get it stretched one last time

Nsfw photo; jockstrap; ass 


Husband was out for a while and i got a little high πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰

[ ]

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NSFW penis chastity 

Inspired by @maugdemon post, gonna do a little comparison here #teamlocked

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What travelling makes me do is challenge myself to adapt to my surroundings, whether those are intimate indoor settings or the boundless outdoors. I'm always looking to keep improving and learning from what I've created and what I can do to grow in my development as an artist.

This year I managed to get into the Morepixx competition which has been a boost for my confidence but I’m still struggling to find creative time around my day job that has become a distraction in recent months.

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Little preview from a shoot yesterday with a cute rubber cub in full rubber and wellies.

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Chastity (explicit) 

And after seven weeks have received my #MatureMetal #JailBird #Chastity device - love it!!

searching and researching trough mastodon nsfw accounts that are not personal, but more of "pictures of sexy men i found on the internet"

and i must say, they are very... white

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torcendo pro dia que minha cabeΓ§a melhore e eu consiga pegar caras por ai. sΓ³ queria dar sem morrer de ansiosidade antes πŸ‘Œ

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nsfw art; butt; harness 

oni-orc barbarian wielding a 2-handed sabre

if you want a commission in this style, hit me up

or if you want to support my art:


[#nsfwArt #nsfw #MastoArt #explicit #ttrpg #ttrpgArt #rpg #orc ]

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