We have currently suspended new signups due to the recent influx of spam accounts. @urso will be researching ways to mitigate those incidents. It won't take more than a few days.

We have tweaked the rules around the sharing of third-party NSFW content. In short: profiles with the sole focus of posting non-authoral porn content will be silenced without forewarning.

The measure is meant to give people who are here to talk, interact and share their own content space and visibility.

Read more at: bear.community/about/more#abou

Here are the running costs for January 2019:

- hosting on masto.host: 25 EUR
+ contributions from our Patreon: 11 USD (~9.60 EUR)

Final cost: 15,40 EUR

Hello, all new folks coming to bear.comm :)

I'll have to ask all of you to read the rules before posting. Pay extra attention when posting NSFW content, we require you to mark it as sensitive, plus put it under a CW.


bear.comm is now open again for signups, so how about sharing this community in other social networks?

Let's grow it :)

We've just opened a Patreon page, if anyone wants to help paying the server costs: patreon.com/bear_community

Currently we're sitting at $25/month, and we're paying out of pocket, so any amount helps keeping the instance afloat :)

If you have any questions, please refer to @urso or @dnkedanke

We've closed bear.comm for signup for this year's holidays. We will reopen on January 5.

However, if you still want to bring someone, there's a way! Create an invite link from your Preferences page: new subscriptions can still be done through invitations

We only ask you: don't abuse the invites. The moderators will have less time to pay attention to the instance during the holidays.

We've updated the rules to include a new section regarding straight NSFW content. You can read it in detail here: bear.community/about/more

Long story short: you're still free to post or share straight NSFW content, but it MUST be unlisted or, if you're sharing, it MUST have a clear CW.

We will be suspending subscriptions for this year's holidays, starting Dec 21, due to the moderators having less time to focus on the community.

Invitations are enabled, though, and will still be during the temporary suspension, so if you have a friend you want to bring in, by all means, do so!

We have just filtered toots tagged with the hashtag swlisting out of public timelines (local and federated).

This hashtag is mostly used by Switter and is mostly related to ads. It won't affect anyone who follow acounts from switter.at.

A reminder: if you want to consume content from another instance than yours, you don't need to create an account on that instance. Assuming it's federated with the one you belong to, just follow the account as normal.

If you're having a hard time grasping Mastodon's concepts, raise the ball in a toot, someone will certainly help. You can also tag @urso and he'll do his best to guide you (no refunds, though).

The instance admin, @urso , just made @dnkedanke a moderator. We'll update our about page shortly.

If you're here to post adult content - and chances are that you are - please, go to your profile settings and turn this setting on:

- Always mark media as sensitive

It will free ou from having to turn the flag on on every toot, and your followers from other non-NSFW centric instances will appreciate it

Please, when posting sexual content, follow these guidelines:

- tag your photos as sensitive. If you always post sexual photos, there's a setting in your profile that defaults all new uploads as sensitive
- do use CW. Use something simple such as "NSFW" for the warning and keep the actual content under it (thus hidden), like hashtags and such

Following these will make it easier for folks from other instances to follow our content :)


bear.community is a Mastodon instance for bears, chubbies and chasers.

If you're interested in joining, please be mindful that we have very specific rules for profiles focused solely on sharing third-party NSFW content.

This community is managed by real people. If you want to help it stay up, please consider becoming a patron by clicking here.