Me and one of my faces at the GearWalk in Karlsruhe a few weeks ago

My Viper got a brother today. It’s a CFX Sin of Pride.

Now I have to get an idea what to wear with it...

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Hi everyone. I have not posted recently but I still keep an eye on this community, and I decided to give a small warning to anyone interested in sounding, based on my very recent experience.

There is one thing called “urethral false passage”. It’s something that can happen when inserting a catheter or sound, and it is not fun. Specially if you get one without knowing it.

I have just gone under a full narcosis OP - probably unnecessarily - due to mine... Not fun.

More time in #chastity 

Guy in #Chastity again 

Just ordered a ticket for Gearblast EU - it will be my first big fetish related event. And I‘m quite anxious about going there...

Guy in #Chastity 

#latex #mask #fullrubber 

One of my biggest anxieties is making people uncomfortable by just being in the same room.

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if you schedule a meeting with me at 12 noon and your calendar isn’t completely booked for the rest of the day OR you don’t provide lunch, I will not say anything but I will silently judge you

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#Gay guy in #Chastity and #Mask 

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