Took some nudes recently and I think they’re some of my best in a long long time 😎

Lewd video 

I haven't really posted in a while, so here's a little something to make up for that. If we weren't in quarantine I'd totally be hitting up camera buddies.

One of the worst things I hate trying to figure out is whether or not people are actually into fucking fat dudes or if they're just woke virtue signaling

So I went in a different direction than planned and instead of getting "gear" I ordered a MistrBear short onesie with the easy access openings in the front and back.

Once it arrives you bet your asses there will be pics.

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What are your favorite pieces of gear?

What are your favorite kinds of materials that aren't leather?

I'm doing some shopping to prepare for TBRU and would love some ideas!

My first paycheck hits later this week. I think I’m going to “invest” in some new underwear and maybe a little gear. God knows some retail therapy can do me some good.

I start a new job tomorrow.

I’m a bit nervous for it while at the same time exciting. It’s challenging work but at the same time, it’s work I find rewarding while being the highest paying job I’ve had since grad school. There’s definitely a good sense that I can do well here, but there’s going to be a learning curve.

Good thoughts and positive energies will be greatly appreciated tomorrow.

Jockstrap butt 

This is one of my favorite views on a guy. I like to spend a lot of time with my mouth on these parts

Sexual frustration 

Dallas/Fort Worth has more flakes than a bad case of psoriasis.

I think in 2021 I want to get a really fun, good group together and have us all save up to book some rooms on an Alaskan cruise. If you travel with the right people, any cruise can be a gay cruise.


I have a thing for taking butt-in-the-mirror pics. I really liked this one for some reason.


I need to look at myself with a better set of eyes ultimately. And that's what my real goal is. Yes I'll follow through on my fitness goals, but even should that succeed, without a new set of eyes, not even that would be that helpful.

Just some thoughts to end 2019. Let's hope this new decade is a little less weird to me than the last one.

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This is one of my favorite butt pics I've taken, right around the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. Looking at it brings to mind a few feelings that I've been going through this New Year's.

I've never had a relationship with my body where I always like what I see every time I see it. Sometimes I really love it - like when I see this pic. Other times, I really don't. While I have a few fitness goals - which will take some hard work and some time to pull off - it really isn't about that.

So, is there, like, any real amateur community on NewTumbl at all or nah?

Full frontal nude of me 

Well, things have been a bit slow on here, so here's my little contribution to livening things up a bit.

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