So, is there, like, any real amateur community on NewTumbl at all or nah?

@teddymacquarrie I've been wondering about this too! And like... even if there is... how the heck are they gonna pay for storage, hosting, bandwidth, and moderation? I worry about investing time & community in something with potentially unbounded costs and no clear model. :/

@teddymacquarrie While I've seen a lot of amateur stuff on bdsmlr (which is probably my main by default now that I lost my humblr), newtumbl struck me as mostly high-volume posters of mostly straight, mostly pro porn. Maybe they've improved in the months since I checked them out (looks like their non-logged-in search manages to avoid showing anything fun now, tumblr should have hired them), but it sticks in my craw enough to be back on a proprietary, ad-supported platform with bdsmlr as it is.

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