This is one of my favorite butt pics I've taken, right around the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. Looking at it brings to mind a few feelings that I've been going through this New Year's.

I've never had a relationship with my body where I always like what I see every time I see it. Sometimes I really love it - like when I see this pic. Other times, I really don't. While I have a few fitness goals - which will take some hard work and some time to pull off - it really isn't about that.


I need to look at myself with a better set of eyes ultimately. And that's what my real goal is. Yes I'll follow through on my fitness goals, but even should that succeed, without a new set of eyes, not even that would be that helpful.

Just some thoughts to end 2019. Let's hope this new decade is a little less weird to me than the last one.

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@teddymacquarrie body dysmorphia seems to always win. But remember, a lot of us know you’re sexy.

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