What are your favorite pieces of gear?

What are your favorite kinds of materials that aren't leather?

I'm doing some shopping to prepare for TBRU and would love some ideas!

So I went in a different direction than planned and instead of getting "gear" I ordered a MistrBear short onesie with the easy access openings in the front and back.

Once it arrives you bet your asses there will be pics.

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@teddymacquarrie. I love my leather from Sheehan. Especially the suspenders and braces. I’ve really taken to wearing the asymmetrical leg brace lately. It’s just kinky enough to be risky but blends enough I can wear it out any wear.

@teddymacquarrie That's a good question.

I've never been able to connect with a leather daddy here in Dallas.

I guess I'd like to hook up before tBRU

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