One of the worst things I hate trying to figure out is whether or not people are actually into fucking fat dudes or if they're just woke virtue signaling

@teddymacquarrie exactly! I have a few of these as friends. They do say that in social media but I only ever see them with skinny or muscle guys

@urso I've had lots of conversations about that over the years. And yes, sometimes people who only show themselves with fit dudes really are into fat guys. They're just ashamed to be seen as being into fat guys.

@teddymacquarrie can't say I have sympathy for them, as a fat guy, though it might just be my empathy wearing out over the past few years

@teddymacquarrie Being a bear like dude I'm happy to be seen with fat guys. Especially with big cocks to open my asspussy.

@teddymacquarrie I've had a couple of heartbreakers like that, but I also found that the dudes who were taking time out from sucking my dick to tell me all the things they were going to feed me, or guessing my weight followed by ”woof” when I'd tell them, turned me off a lot as well. I suppose it's like a model who can't stand being adored for his body, it's just that dudes who are into fat dudes tend to be far between, concentrated into loud, usually vile bars, only one or two nights a month.

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