It is already Wednesday in Brazil, which means it's time for our first challenge!

Submit your pictures as an answer to this toot. You might score:
- A ⭐ if the picture is related to the challenge
- A ⭐ if the picture is lewd
- A ⭐ if the picture is funny
More rules at:

And this week's challenge is... 🥁

A towel!

Now set your creative and lewd selves free and submit a picture 😃

Here are the revised rules for the game:

Stay tuned, the first challenge will be posted this Wednesday. Be ready to send your lewdest, funniest pictures ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Just posted a draft of the rules and how the game should play out.

Please, consider that _a draft_, and make suggestions to improve it :) // @urso

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