And that’s not all: appointments have been cancelled and no replacements will be offered for under 80s where I live.

So, whenever they open the system, we are out of it and we need to repeat the stress of trying to get an spot again - and see how our appointment gets later and later in time.

Maybe I will be grateful in the future that my appointment got cancelled? Doubtful, since MILLIONS have been vaccinated and well.


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Just want to rant. I just got my Corona vaccine cancelled, unilaterally, because the European governments have gone into panic mode and decided - on my behalf - that I better risk catching the bug and ending up in ICU and maybe even dying than getting a vaccine with better rates of blood clots is way than the expected rate in a control population of the same size.

I want my vaccine!!!! I am an adult and I want to be able to weigh the risks and assume them or not on my own!!!

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I need to lose about 120lbs. This should be fun.
Maybe more than that, don't know. This stay at home stuff has NOT helped me keep my weight down and I appear to be a nervous eater, and just about all of 2020 had my nerves on edge. Gained nearly 40 lbs over the course and that is NOT going to help any of my health conditions get better.
Big is beautiful guys. But know the risks. If there's a way to be big and healthy(ish), look them up now, cause you can pay for it later.

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Hi everyone. I have not posted recently but I still keep an eye on this community, and I decided to give a small warning to anyone interested in sounding, based on my very recent experience.

There is one thing called “urethral false passage”. It’s something that can happen when inserting a catheter or sound, and it is not fun. Specially if you get one without knowing it.

I have just gone under a full narcosis OP - probably unnecessarily - due to mine... Not fun.

A cute guy with a nice dick in the swimming pool wears a speedo and then some loose swimming trunks on top. WTF?

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Para aquellos que lo celebréis, ¡felices Reyes!

For those who celebrate, Happy Three Wise Men!

I’m more than happy with this present 🎁 🐻😍😍

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walmarts selling plushy suits!

alas, we have none in the uk. but i wana have a bondage scene using a teddbear suit so bad

facial cumshot 

Men with their faces covered in cum. Marked with the seed of a Male, proud to show their pics like and . Is there anything more beautiful?

See much more of them on

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Late #sluttysunday.

This is one of my favorite videos. Its about a year old from the first vacations I spent with @Lioncub .

Ain't he sexy trooper? :3

Video blowjob 

The amazing and super-handsome produced this wonderful video 😍. I so wish I could meet him live!

More of him on ryangeraghty.absolutely.expose

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