A cute guy with a nice dick in the swimming pool wears a speedo and then some loose swimming trunks on top. WTF?

Para aquellos que lo celebréis, ¡felices Reyes!

For those who celebrate, Happy Three Wise Men!

I’m more than happy with this present 🎁 🐻😍😍

walmarts selling plushy suits!

alas, we have none in the uk. but i wana have a bondage scene using a teddbear suit so bad

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Late #sluttysunday.

This is one of my favorite videos. Its about a year old from the first vacations I spent with @Lioncub .

Ain't he sexy trooper? :3

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We've just opened a Patreon page, if anyone wants to help paying the server costs: patreon.com/bear_community

Currently we're sitting at $25/month, and we're paying out of pocket, so any amount helps keeping the instance afloat :)

If you have any questions, please refer to @urso or @dnkedanke


members of bear.comm, an addendum: we will do nothing to toots in the federated timeline, but the local timeline is something else.

The rule is still to unlist or be silenced when the content comes from one of our own (we're not a gay instance for nothing)

Just deleted my several Tumblr blogs. fuck it. How far are we from The Handmaid‘s Tale, I wonder?

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