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Hi everyone. I have not posted recently but I still keep an eye on this community, and I decided to give a small warning to anyone interested in sounding, based on my very recent experience.

There is one thing called “urethral false passage”. It’s something that can happen when inserting a catheter or sound, and it is not fun. Specially if you get one without knowing it.

I have just gone under a full narcosis OP - probably unnecessarily - due to mine... Not fun.

A cute guy with a nice dick in the swimming pool wears a speedo and then some loose swimming trunks on top. WTF?

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Para aquellos que lo celebréis, ¡felices Reyes!

For those who celebrate, Happy Three Wise Men!

I’m more than happy with this present 🎁 🐻😍😍

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walmarts selling plushy suits!

alas, we have none in the uk. but i wana have a bondage scene using a teddbear suit so bad

facial cumshot 

Men with their faces covered in cum. Marked with the seed of a Male, proud to show their pics like and . Is there anything more beautiful?

See much more of them on absolutely.exposed

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Late #sluttysunday.

This is one of my favorite videos. Its about a year old from the first vacations I spent with @Lioncub .

Ain't he sexy trooper? :3

Video blowjob 

The amazing and super-handsome produced this wonderful video 😍. I so wish I could meet him live!

More of him on ryangeraghty.absolutely.expose

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#throwbackthursday #me 

Throwback Thursday, about 1980. I thought I was hetero...

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We've just opened a Patreon page, if anyone wants to help paying the server costs: patreon.com/bear_community

Currently we're sitting at $25/month, and we're paying out of pocket, so any amount helps keeping the instance afloat :)

If you have any questions, please refer to @urso or @dnkedanke

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