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It is now live! Currently looking for ideas for tiers and their names. What do y'all think?

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I've checked the settings, and it's possible to:

- always expand toots with CW
- always show media tagged as sensitive media

It'll free you from clicking to expand every single post, which I believe is handy for a community centered around sexual content

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Alrighty, since many people are fleeing to Twitter from Tumblr's purge, I created a new account there as well. I don't think I'll post as often there, it's just to follow some good people and perhaps share some of their content here (with proper references, of course)

Here it is:

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NSFW picture 

Hey boy. Daddy's about to get writing. But you can still get busy #nsfw

Tried (and partially succeeded) making a super fudgy, super chocolatey cake today. It's badly in need of some frosting to balance out its richness, though

god damn the price of building yout own mechanical keyboard is excessive 👀

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Just did a really fun hypno session with @HairyHypnotist. He's good at getting in your head! >:-)

anyway where was I

and where are my clothes

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A new Jepsen report! It turns out that PostgreSQL's "serializable" isolation was not, in fact, serializable: it exhibited G2-item. A patch is coming in the next minor release. :)

So I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything at all and now my Arch is unbootable, AGAIN. I won't even bother to debug this, I'm jumping to Fedora

hey yall, so it looks like I'm playing Sea of Thieves now. Never played it before. If someone has it or is considering, let me know and maybe we can be pirates together

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Lewd, eye-contact 

Hey, look! Here are two Davids!
(the Bad Dragon toy is named David, and it's my real first name)

Also, tomorrow we're going to adopt a dog! Been a dream of ours, me and my sister

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I for one got some nipple clamps for myself and I'm really excited to try it out

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I've been kinda quiet these past few days. Nothing major, just got under the weather a bit. How are y'all doing? How have these past 2 weeks been for you?

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nsfw question 

Hi , could you recommend some instances where to look for and ?

I would like to find more kinky fellows to share and fun.

Would be much better if it's gay only.

Thanks for your help, retoot / boost.

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@bootblackcub would you mind helping me choose some rope for self practice? I remember you recommended something once, but can't find it again even if my life depended on it

Is there a reason why Youtube comments don't ever load? I'm using Firefox btw

The curious case of the buff gay who asks if he's fat on social media for internet cookies

Okay, so the new twitter interface is amazing to follow conversations. I really wish the Mastodon folks take a cue and copy some of its ideas

So I can see the neighbor is watching hardcore straight porn from the comfort of his bedroom in the building right next to the one I live

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