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It is now live! Currently looking for ideas for tiers and their names. What do y'all think?

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I've checked the settings, and it's possible to:

- always expand toots with CW
- always show media tagged as sensitive media

It'll free you from clicking to expand every single post, which I believe is handy for a community centered around sexual content

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Alrighty, since many people are fleeing to Twitter from Tumblr's purge, I created a new account there as well. I don't think I'll post as often there, it's just to follow some good people and perhaps share some of their content here (with proper references, of course)

Here it is:

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******HEADS UP FRIENDS******

On “NewTumbl” bloggers and volunteers are allowed to help monitor the posts on the site to keep the family friendly post under one tag, the mature posts under one tag,, the x content and so on and so on (good idea huh?)

The problem with this is kiddie porn bloggers also participate and don’t flag or delete their own posts containing children being exploited sexually.

After bringing the above post to the main architect’s attention (dean), his response was that the content and added caption was not against Newtumbl’s policy or guidelines. It took several messages to get it taken down off the site.

My thanks? = banned from the site.

The blogger? still on the site and now allowed to post even more questionable content with Dean’s blessing.

This is not a about badmouthing someone or for payback (well maybe a little, lol). I want you all aware that Newtumbl allows predators to thrive.

Your underage siblings or your young sons and daughters, grandchildren, nieces or nephews will be exposed and possibly abused by online child-predators.

This is no small matter, I hope you will take this seriously and post and boost this important information.

The call the site “A place for tumblr refugees” but,, it should be “A place for pedo tumblr refugees”

my pictures here posted back up my claims so you know I’m not making stuff up. This one blogger is only one of hundreds kiddie porn lovers.

#newtumbl #dean newtumbl #newtumbl admins #pedos #pedophiles #pedophilia #online predators #protect our children

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Heads up: there's this new trending hashtags feature in the lower right. I've been tending to it so it only shows more gay-related tags. Right now it has "uncut", "balls" and "dick". Let me know if you spot a tag used majoritarily for straight content and I'll take care of it

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LB Image Transcription 

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And it's finished!

Everyone hosted on is now running v3.0.0 😅

There is still an issue that is breaking the new audio player waveform but I will be working on fixing that tomorrow. The audio player works but it just doesn't display the new pretty audio wave.

Any other issues, please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

'sup folks

I've been quite absent from the timeline for a while. I'm still here, moderating stuff and making sure the lights are up, but I've been quite busy lately with other aspects of life

That being said, I still receive notifications on my phone, so if you need to, drop me a message.

... or idk, just say hi. We can chat about whatever and exchange steam/ps4/nswitch tags or stuff

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👏 Send huge congrats 👏 to @mastohost for this. It is for the health of the #Fediverse and a very good call.

They write:

"I have added the following to the terms of service:


I will not accept to host Mastodon servers that promote or that become a gathering of users around the following topics:

...National Socialism
Holocaust denial
Alt right, including under the disguise of freedom of speech
Sex and gender discrimination

I will also not accept Mastodon servers that are mainly used for the following activities:

Automated sharing of third-party content, news sources, websites or social media content that doesn’t belong to you

Trolling, insulting and derogatory comments towards others outside your server

Mass following and aggregation of content..."

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I might be looking to hand off Humblr to someone else if the right person is found.
I don't have a lot of time to manage the platform and I don't get the time to add or vet moderators onto the platform.

Knowledge of running a Mastodon instance is required.

Over 3TB of media. 30GB of database files.
Currently runs on 12 Skylake CPU cores so a decent server will be required.

Again, knowledge of Mastodon is required.

So a few days ago I saw a post of someone looking for financial help. The post seems to be gone, now.

If you're reading this and still need help, DM me, I may be able to help ya a bit

Yo, I've been really busy with life recently BUT I've also been playing a lot of MHW on the PS4

If someone wants to hunt together, regardless of the monster, send me your PSN handle in a DM

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Anyone have any advice for my trip to Brazil?

Anything I should know culturally -so I don't offend and to be extra polite?

Anything to eat or look for that is special there?

I'm still learning Portuguese! :)


#travel #advice

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You may ask: how did I become vegetable gremlin. Well it turns out I ate too many vegetables and became invisible to the eyes of christ.

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