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It is now live! Currently looking for ideas for tiers and their names. What do y'all think?

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I've checked the settings, and it's possible to:

- always expand toots with CW
- always show media tagged as sensitive media

It'll free you from clicking to expand every single post, which I believe is handy for a community centered around sexual content

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Alrighty, since many people are fleeing to Twitter from Tumblr's purge, I created a new account there as well. I don't think I'll post as often there, it's just to follow some good people and perhaps share some of their content here (with proper references, of course)

Here it is:

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the "glue-code" was to be aware of the turbo-frame header on the request. If present, then we only render the frame needed for the request and ignore the rest of the html surrounding it. Since I'm stitching together a number of libraries on Clojure, this one was on me... but I saw some libraries for Python environments that do the same

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Phoenix has something similar, but it works over websockets. Hotwire just intercepts regular http requests, which I prefer

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Update on the JS front-end thingy:

I think the rails folks did something fun: hotwire works pretty well in giving the impression of an SPA but with server-side rendering

Since I'm using a clojure stack I had to write some code just so I had to render less than needed when a turbo-frame request shows up, but it wasn't strictly necessary. Most interesting aspect of it is that I was able to develop like an OG web app (productivity up, complexity down) and then plug it later in an afternoon

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Frontal nudity (kinda) 

Felt like wearing sexy underwear today

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Long story short, I scrapped everything. Going with good old server side rendering. Should it need an SPA, it can be added later. I feel so much productive now

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So I spent some time this morning, yet again, going through the motions of a react stack, then Vue. Both felt too big, the amount of code I'd write was far bigger than the perceived benefits

Then there's (wrapped) webpack, the test stack, bundling and minifying, sometimes transpilation... Half of these tools will be replaced in two years or so. Some already are outdated, but I wanted to cut off time by going to tools I'm already familiar with

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I will die on the hill that front-end work is a horrible mess, and I can't deal with its senseless complexities anymore

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Weight loss 

It’s weird how when you lose weight your brain tricks you into thinking that you haven’t changed, but that somehow old photos have been retroactively changed to make you look fatter. Pics are me this week and me in summer 2019!

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Lewd thick bear in a mirror, nude 

Whelp, I created this account to post lewds somewhere that isn’t the birdsite, and they got this one today because I was feeling thicc in an attractive way so here you are, compliments please!

NSFW, nude 

Took advantage of sunlight this morning to be horny. I liked how these turned out

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Did I manage to mark this as sensitive correctly? 😅

Been having a back-and-forth with a friend on UX aspects. We had this idea of allowing people to love/star stuff multiple times. The restriction is that you can only love a certain thing once a day, and the author won't always be notified when you love it beyond the first time

As a developer with little connections to UX work, I'm mildly proud of myself for this little bit

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Dear open source users,

If the author of your favorite open source app has announced they stopped developing and supporting the app (because they're frustrated and possibly burned out), please don't suggest they do more free work so that you can continue using the app.
Instead, consider thanking them for their past work and let them know that you enjoyed their app.

another open source developer

NSFW, prince Albert 

Comparison between old (captive bead, 5mm) and new (segment clicker, also 5mm).

It is not that common to find info on how uncomfortable certain jewelery can be for sex. The purple one I had, the ball is barely clinging together. I was deathly afraid of someone swallowing it up

New one is much better for jerking off, going inside condoms and, I can only hope, fellatio

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Pra quem estava procurando alguma instância brasileira do Bookwyrm, hoje nós subimos a Velha Estante:

(quem não estava procurando ou não faz ideia do que é isso também pode dar uma olhada)

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It will be two weeks tomorrow since I got my PA. I love it and wish I'd gotten it sooner. 🍆💍

Half a selfie, eye contact 

This, by the way, was the reason I didn't sleep at night. The lingering pain took the whole night to go away, it sucked

Learned the lesson to only ever stretch 2mm at a time now

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Chastity penis locked 

Repost cuz I forgot the tags.
Well gues I have no choice but to focus on the job now #teamlocked #malechastity

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