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It is now live! Currently looking for ideas for tiers and their names. What do y'all think?

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I've checked the settings, and it's possible to:

- always expand toots with CW
- always show media tagged as sensitive media

It'll free you from clicking to expand every single post, which I believe is handy for a community centered around sexual content

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Alrighty, since many people are fleeing to Twitter from Tumblr's purge, I created a new account there as well. I don't think I'll post as often there, it's just to follow some good people and perhaps share some of their content here (with proper references, of course)

Here it is:

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Is there such a thing like kinky knitting? Like, knitting something kinky? A friend wants to know

I'm _almost_ at the point where I can call myself a proper sourdough baker. These look good and taste good. I don't know yet why they're so flat looking, though

So how would one design a system of sorts where we can publish reviews from companies about work culture etc in a way that is auditable and that perhaps lends itself to a web of trust (assuming said web of trust is, well, a good thing in the first place)

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Hey friends,

Reminder that ✨ fat is beautiful.✨

You don't need to change.

You deserve to wink at yourself in the mirror and move through this world with confidence.

You are both soft and strong. What a perfect combination!

💙 😍 ✨ 🌟 😊

So I'll be building my own keyboard over the next few months. Currently I have a Cherry MX Brown and I don't like it very much. Can anyone recommend me alternative switches? I prefer tactile and non-clicky

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Hey folks, how y'all doing? I've recently got some pen pals on reddit to exchange letters (real snail mail!). Also looking to write to a few inmates using

what's news to you?

Sorry for the account spewing out spam, folks :/ sometimes they're difficult to identify

Is anyone planning to play Phantasy Star Online 2 now that's available on Steam? I wanted to play this for a long time and would be glad to have friends joining

Do yall have recommendations for non leather bdsm stuff? I'm looking for a harness right now but anything goes

gotta admit the SNL skits added some needed levity in my past days

I love how Ryan Gosling can't keep a straight face even if his life depended on it in those scenes with Kate McKinnon

if you haven't seen them

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So the company I work for purchased the company who made Clojure and Datomic. Suddenly I have coworker status with people whose articles I'm very fond of

doesn't directly involve or benefit me but it made for a better weekend

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NSFW picture 

Hey boy. Daddy's about to get writing. But you can still get busy #nsfw

Tried (and partially succeeded) making a super fudgy, super chocolatey cake today. It's badly in need of some frosting to balance out its richness, though

god damn the price of building yout own mechanical keyboard is excessive 👀

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Just did a really fun hypno session with @HairyHypnotist. He's good at getting in your head! >:-)

anyway where was I

and where are my clothes

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