**Server Question**
I'm thinking about clarifying our policy on posting random pictures (not: original content).

Basically, showing off something enticing is fine, with a comment and preferably with link to the source (where the creator/actor is going to be paid), but no endless strings of random pictures.

This is a kink community, not a stream of porn pics.


(Boost please for exposure)

@bedtimedrillsgt How will that impact those of us who follow such feeds from affiliated sites?

@arzhur not a problem at all, you can look and boost as much as you want.

I also wouldn't want people to think they aren't allowed to share what excites them. Still thinking about how this can be best phrased.

Am I making sense at all?

@bedtimedrillsgt You are, and it sounds like a fair and sensible policy. Maybe it can be more specifically worded toward pornbots, though? I think those might be the core of your concerns. Automated scripts that post an endless amount of porn without human intervention are what's really amplifying this phenomena.

@arzhur @bedtimedrillsgt what a coincidence, I started a similar conversation about bear.community today as well!

I agree with others that sharing 3rd party content is also a form of expression, although I do prefer putting proper pingback references on all posts, my biggest worry is profiles that simply dump a new photo every minute or so.

I believe that if the purpose is just to consume porn, there are better places for that. We all win if we also nurture a warm environment for interaction

@urso @arzhur totally agree with it! do you have a suggestion on how we should articulate these expectations in rules / recommendations?

@bedtimedrillsgt @arzhur for now I'm drafting some rules for silencing spammy/noisy accounts (you gave me one good threshold in this conversation, btw)

for our own members, I'm considering writing these as _guidelines_, not hard rules:
- do not flood the timeline with 3rd party photos
- when posting 3rd party content, try to put a link to the source
- when posting your own content, rules above don't apply (bc obviously)

@bedtimedrillsgt @arzhur

I'm partial to posting 3rd party photos with no text. Granted, I would prefer to have people include some text along with the pictures, but it depends on the person. Sometimes there's nothing else to add, so 🤷 Besides, this is harder to apply as policy or guideline

For federated accounts, we'll only enforce the rule about silencing noisy/spammy accounts. They belong to different communities, in the end.

@urso @arzhur that's a good point. Maybe I'll just update the rules to give an idea what is flooding (many pictures in rapid succession)


@bedtimedrillsgt @arzhur agreed, making the definition of flooding explicit will avoid some confusion down the line

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