One political/technical thought for the day: yes, FOSTA-SESTA is responsible for the diaspora, and it's responsible for causing similar harm at other sites. But don't forget that the corporations hosting these sites have been predatory data miners for years, and were never out to protect their users in the first place.

Federated services like Mastodon show us how the Internet should work: smaller servers, run by actual people, that have real privacy controls.


@arzhur that's why I was so wary of moving over to yet another privately-run website. At the end of the day they all have to turn a profit, and many I've seen didn't have a clue as to how when they started advertising they were "the Tumblr alternative."

And as usual, "if you don't pay, you're the product" is true. Many people have no idea of how much data they give away

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