Right, here is what I'm thinking: if your profile's sole purpose is to share third party porn content, then your profile will be silenced with no warning (you'll be notified afterwards)

People who post their own content but also share third party content sometimes can continue doing so, as long as they don't flood.

I might set these rules into effect later this week. Thoughts? The goal is to set a clear message and free up space from the local timeline for people who post their own stuff

@urso Sounds good to me. Porn feeds are easy to find elsewhere on the internet. Like the idea of this being for meeting, showing ourselves off and sometimes being 'hey, lookit this sexy guy(s)."

@urso while I’ve been guilty of the third party stuff as of late, I do think this is a good idea.

@urso @JB_Maubear if you mean if this applied to the equivalent community on Tumblr, i don’t think that is relevant because this stems from a survey @urso did here. You can see him talking about it in his previous posts. If I misunderstood, please explain.

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