So I know this is super early, but is anyone kinda planning or intending to go to Japan for the olympics next year?

@urso visiting japan is one my dreams but not on my todo list for next year. and I don't think it's super early because for this kind of big event, hotels begin to be already booked. be prepared

@grosours yeah, I'm still on the fence about going. In one hand, it'll be easier to find pals to travel with, but on the other Japan will be PACKED with people, and I kind of don't like crowds

but also, olympics.

I just want to have someone to travel with, I don't want to see Japan alone :|

@urso sounds great. would like to join but not sure if I'll have enough money for the trip

@grosours let's keep talking, I'd rather go with someone any other time than go alone for the olympics

Plus, having a gay friend to hop onto some onsen would be nice

@urso yaaaaaaAAAAAaaassss queeeEEEEEeen !!!!! 🐻 ❤️ 🇯🇵

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